How to modernize a small living room at a small cost?
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How to modernize a small living room at a small cost?

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Small rooms can be quite a challenge. But with a little willingness, time, and above all imagination, any interior can get a new life. Find out how you can modernize your living room, even if it is small.

Color the walls

If you want to redecorate your living room in such a way that it is modern and seems bigger, it is worth to think first of all about the choice of the color of walls. Bright colors optically enlarge the space, so white, light beige or delicate shades of gray will be a perfect choice. If you want the walls in your living room to have, for example, two shades, remember that it is best to place the lighter one where there is a window and on the wall opposite, which will also optically lengthen your interior. If you want a patterned wallpaper to appear on your walls, it is necessary to bet on one with vertical stripes. It is also worth placing many mirrors or other reflective ornaments on the walls, which will not only give your living room an elegant and modern character, but are also a great way to enlarge the interior


When it comes to floors, similar rules apply as in the case of walls. It’s a good idea to have them in light colors, so choose panels in shades of beige or gray. It’s also best if the flooring is uniform. If your living room is connected with a hallway or a kitchen, put the same panels in these rooms. This way the rooms will not be cut off from each other and will seem more spacious, and the arrangement will be more consistent. Remember also that monochromatic floors are in fashion.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture is also extremely important in arranging a small living room. If you want it to have a modern character and at the same time to be more spacious, you should definitely give up wall units. This is a relic, which takes up a lot of space and is extremely impractical. Instead, bet on hanging shelves or low single furniture. A good solution will be chests of drawers or cheap display cabinets, which will not overwhelm your interior and guarantee access to daylight. Also, the best will be furniture with a simple, solid shape, which are more modernistic than ornate ones. Remember also that no living room, even the smallest one, should lack a comfortable sofa. To save space, place it by the wall. A corner sofa, which will cleverly use the space, will also be a perfect solution. It is also worth to have a sofa in a distinctive color, which will make it an interesting color dominant in your interior

In small living rooms, for example, Scandinavian style will be perfect, which uses bright colors and natural materials, which will optically enlarge our small living room. Additionally, it is a style characterized by high functionality, and that is what furniture in a small living room should be – elegant and modern, but also functional. A typical modernistic style, which is a bit like the Scandinavian one, but it is a bit more austere, will also work well. It is based on a large amount of free space in the interior. When it comes to modern accessories and decorations for a small living room, it is worth betting on paintings, which will not take up valuable space on the floor, and flowers, which will enliven the room. It is also worth remembering about good lighting – the right light has a very big impact on the space

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