Domestic appliances useful in every kitchen
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Domestic appliances useful in every kitchen

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These days, no kitchen is without certain appliances. These are both large household appliances and smaller ones that are designed to make everyday cooking easier. We advise what appliances will be useful in every kitchen.

The basic household appliances in every kitchen are a fridge and a stove. But here are some other equally useful appliances. You can find all our suggestions at


It’s a great convenience especially in houses and apartments where more people live. Washing dishes by hand takes a lot of time and it is more and more difficult nowadays. It is worth spending money on a dishwasher because it is an investment which will pay off. Additionally, it also saves a lot of water in comparison to traditional washing.


Most ovens offered by manufacturers are equipped with a thermo-flow and a dozen or so programs. More advanced models have amenities that make everyday cooking easier. For example, some of them have a microwave function. This also saves space.


There are different types of blenders, and among the most popular are the handheld ones. They are usually handy and small, so they don’t take up too much space. They can be used for pureeing and blending, so they are ideal for making soup-cream or sauces

Manufacturers also offer cup blenders, or stand blenders. In this case, you put the ingredients into the jug, cover them with a lid and press the appropriate button. Admittedly, this model takes up more space than a hand blender, but it is also more stable and blends products more thoroughly. It is worth using it for cocktails.

A blender is a device without which it is hard to imagine the kitchen. It allows you to prepare dough, whip foam or mix something.

Slow juicer

Juicers used to be popular, but more and more often they give way to juicers. It’s not surprising, as these run at a slower speed and don’t heat the juice during production, allowing valuable nutrients to be retained. Juice from a juicer is also much less aerated than that from a juicer, thanks to which it can be stored for longer.

In addition, thanks to the content of pulp particles, juices from squeezers contain fibre. Another, but equally important advantage of slow juice production is that more juice is extruded.


This is the device that probably makes everyday cooking the easiest. It can do almost everything for us. The models that are most advanced, for example, know how to boil, whisk, blend, mix, chop, steam and even sauté. There are also some on the market that have a baking function. With this, you can prepare dough as well as bake rolls or bread.

Meat mincer

The electric version of the traditional mixer handles even the toughest meat much easier than the prototype. Compared to the classic version, it is also much easier to use. It does not require force or mounting it to the countertop. It is often sold with additional attachments and tips, so it can also serve as a coffee grinder or pasta maker. You can also buy attachments and decide what you want to use the machine for.

Electric kettle

If for some reason using a traditional kettle is not possible, an electric kettle is a great option. Electric kettles can vary in heater type, capacity and power. It is a good idea to adjust the capacity of the kettle to the number of household members.

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