How to arrange the dining room in a small apartment?
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How to arrange the dining room in a small apartment?

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It is possible to arrange a dining room in a small apartment. You just need a few tricks to make the space visually larger, while maintaining functionality.

Combine the dining room with the kitchen

This is probably the easiest and best way when it comes to small apartments. You can both save space and create a practical place where both rooms are united. This will be a good solution for people who don’t care about exclusivity (although you can get it with the right arrangement). This option is good especially for couples, where every meter is important and you won’t have to reserve additional space for a dining table

Windows and natural lighting

Light plays a huge role in small rooms, and manipulating it gives you power over the human eye, as it is through light that you can create illusions and visually enlarge the space, accent specific areas, and much more. In a not-so-large apartment, natural light makes a huge difference, and placing your dining area next to a window will add a bit of coziness to the place, making being there evoke joy in you (add modern tableware with delicious food, and the endorphin rush is guaranteed). In addition to what’s inside, you can enjoy what’s outside. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy the city skyline at sunrise or sunset while you dine. An additional option, and a functional one at that, is a window seat with built-in storage. In addition, the accents of bright colors you can use here will further optically enlarge the room.


If you care about additional space – bet on a round variant on one leg. The lack of the other 3 legs provides some space, and the lack of edges means that you can freely slide chairs under the table. Additionally, you will save yourself bruised hips if your apartment is particularly small. Paired with light shades and natural light, a white table will be the perfect addition. If the round version is not for you, however, you still want to keep some of its functionality, you can always try an oval table.

Hanging lamps

A lamp, apart from its strictly functional task, i.e. illuminating the place where you eat, can complete the arrangement, create the right mood and separate the zone. Many times you have seen that in open spaces a room is often marked by a lamp. The current trend is large lamps over a small dining room, which firmly delineate and highlight the area where the dining area is located


It is not uncommon to place furniture against the walls because it affects the aesthetics. However, it is worth breaking some superstitions and rules, especially if you are faced with the task of arranging a small space. This idea is especially useful in narrow rooms, when you connect the table to the wall, rather than placing it in the middle or under the window. You can always move the table to a more intimate place for formal occasions, but on ordinary days you can enjoy the extra space.

Combining tasks

If you have to give up your dining room to create a work space or vice versa, think about combining the two rooms into one. You need a proper table and chair for both eating and working. You don’t use the dining room all the time, so you can always work at the same table. If you follow the tips above and place such a table near natural light and use bright colors, the space will be perfect for studying and working.

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