What can be done to make a kitchen in a block of flats functional?
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What can be done to make a kitchen in a block of flats functional?

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Kitchens in blocks of flats are usually quite small, which is why the right design is so important to make it comfortable and functional. Looking for interesting solutions, it is worth paying attention to several details that can completely change your interior. So we suggest what to do to make the kitchen meet all your expectations

Colors and materials

When decorating a kitchen in a block of flats, the first step you need to take is to choose the colors and materials that will dominate the room. In smaller interiors, light shades such as white, grays, light browns will work best. If you are a fan of more vibrant colors, but at the same time do not want the kitchen to become overwhelming, then you can opt for single accents in strong colors. When choosing a material, it is worth considering first of all its functionality. The best materials for kitchens are those that are easy to keep clean, such as MDF, wood (but remember that it should be homogeneous – untreated, with natural grain looks beautiful and impressive in the kitchen, but cleaning it and pulling crumbs out of the crevices can be a challenge), or stone

Furniture selection

The right furniture is extremely important in a kitchen. When decorating a kitchen, you have to remember that most decisions are choices that will last for years. Therefore, in order to make your kitchen functional and serve you well for a long time, choose kitchen furniture that will withstand many years of intensive use and also resist harsh conditions, especially high humidity of the room. Remember also to take care of sufficient storage space. Interiors where many items are outdoors give the impression of being cluttered. In such a kitchen it will certainly be difficult for you to prepare meals efficiently. However, appliances tucked nicely into cabinets will make your kitchen neater and tidier, and cooking in such a place is a pleasure

Equipment positioning

For a kitchen to be functional and comfortable, it’s necessary to properly arrange the kitchen appliances and furniture. The most important of these are undoubtedly the refrigerator, stove and sink. These three appliances should be arranged in such a way as to form a triangle. This will make moving around the kitchen as comfortable and intuitive as possible. Corner sinks are also a great option. When it comes to the fridge, it’s best to start with it and then adjust the other appliances to it. Most often it is placed as close to the door as possible. Remember also about a place to prepare meals. An extra worktop is very important, so be sure to reserve a place for it even in a tiny kitchen

Additional accessories and appliances

To make your kitchen functional and to make meal preparation a pleasure, it’s also worth taking care of some additional appliances. If you’re a fan of coffee, you should definitely choose a coffee maker for your kitchen. It will not only decorate your interior, but also make your mornings more pleasant. An important piece of kitchen equipment is a water filtering jug or attachment. You should also invest in a food processor, a good blender, a juicer and a small hand vac. This will make preparing food and cleaning up afterwards much easier.

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