8 ways to make your living room smell great
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8 ways to make your living room smell great

Living room is a room where we spend a lot of time. It is also the best place to receive guests. So it is no wonder that we want it to always have a beautiful and pleasant fragrance. There are many ways to do this, both the less and the more demanding. Here are eight of them! 

Automatic air fresheners

One of the more popular and undemanding ways to keep your rooms smelling great are automatic air fresheners that release a scent once in a while. They also work when we are not at home and we don’t have to worry about leaving them unattended. However, it is not one of the most ecological solutions, additionally, it is in the middle price range. 

Scented contacts

Electric air fresheners, plugged into the contact, work on a very similar principle. We connect a bottle with an oil of our choice to the device, set the fragrance intensity and enjoy the systematically released fragrance. It is a practical substitute for aerosol scents that we have to spray ourselves, which unfortunately, we often forget about. On the market, there are also models with several fragrances released alternately, so that we do not get used to one aroma. Their small drawback is a relatively high cost. 

Scented sticks

Another almost maintenance-free option are fragrance sticks, which apart from releasing a beautiful scent are also an aesthetic decoration. We can get them from many manufacturers and everyone will find an appropriate scent for themselves. The sticks sticking out of glass, aesthetic containers soak up fragrance and release it in the room. This is a practical and relatively cheap way to have a beautifully scented living room. 


About the advantages of burning candles in the living room we probably do not have to tell anyone. Especially those more expensive and larger copies spread in the room a wonderful scent, which stays with us even to the next day. Also here everyone will find something for themselves, both in terms of fragrance notes, as well as price and aesthetics. For safety reasons it is better not to leave them lit when we are not in the room. 


For burning waxes you will need a fireplace. We can equip ourselves with both a traditional one with heaters and an electric one. Their disadvantage, as in the case of candles, is the necessary supervision. Waxes are one of the cheapest solutions. We can buy traditional, but also, for example, soy. Manufacturers also offer those produced in harmony with nature. 

Aromatic oils and diffusers

This is a way for a beautiful scent and aromatherapy in one. Admittedly, this is not the cheapest option, but it is one of the most ecological, providing us with a great mood and additional health-promoting aspects. We pour a few drops of essential oil into an electric diffuser, which releases a light mist full of fragrance. 

Perfumes for interiors

Recently, perfumes for interiors are also gaining popularity. These are sophisticated compositions designed to create an atmosphere of interior fragrance. We can spray them in the air or spray curtains, sofa cushions or lampshades. If we care about a long-lasting fragrance, it’s better to spend a few zlotys more, because it’s a really good investment. 


The last and always effective way for a beautiful fragrance in a living room are, of course, fresh flowers placed in a vase on a table or a dresser. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Sidekix Media

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