Small kitchen appliances to make your everyday cooking easier
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Small kitchen appliances to make your everyday cooking easier

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A well-equipped kitchen is not just a refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. There are also household appliances that can often prove indispensable. We advise what small household appliances are worth having in the kitchen to make everyday cooking easier.

We usually use the same things in the kitchen every day. However, it’s worth equipping yourself with some appliances that will make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Below we present such kitchen equipment. You can find all these small appliances at


Hand blenders are the most common. They are usually small and handy, so they do not take up too much space in the kitchen. They are designed to puree and blend ingredients, so it’s great for making soup-cream, sauces or custards. Some hand blenders are available for sale with additional attachments and containers. Manufacturers also offer cup blenders, or stand blenders. You need to put the ingredients into the jug, cover them with the lid and press the start button. This blender takes up more space than a hand blender, but it is more stable and blends products more thoroughly. It will work best for fruit and vegetable smoothies. Some of the models can easily chop ice cubes or nuts. It’s hard to say which one is better. It depends on what you will be using the blender for.

When it comes to a blender, you don’t have to explain too much. It’s perfect for when you need to mix something, prepare a cake or whip some foam.

The slow juicer

Thanks to the fact that juicers work at a slower speed and do not heat the juice during production, they allow valuable nutrients to be retained in the juice. Compared to juice from a juicer, juice from a slow juicer is much less aerated. Thanks to this you can store it longer. In addition, juices from a juicer, thanks to the content of pulp particles, contain fibre. An additional advantage of slow extrusion of juice is that more juice is produced.

Food dryer

With the help of this machine you can dry vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. This allows you to enjoy the taste of your favorite products even out of season. Drying fruits and vegetables preserves their nutritional value. The main vitamins, minerals and fibre are retained. Dried fruits and vegetables are easy to store and have a long shelf life.

Food processor

When talking about devices that make cooking easier, it is impossible not to mention the robot. This device can do almost everything for us. The most advanced models can chop, blend, boil, mix, whisk, steam and sauté. An interesting feature is also the baking option, which provides not only the preparation of cakes, but also baking bread or rolls. The most advanced cooking robots will allow us to prepare yogurts, jams and desserts based on milk.

Meat mincer

Due to the fact that it is electric, it is much easier than a traditional mincer to deal with even the toughest meat. Using the electric version requires no force, and there is no need to mount it to the countertop. With additional tips and attachments, the machine can also be used for pasta making or even coffee grinding. Besides, the attachments can be bought independently and you can decide what the razor will be used for.

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