How to install a folding door?
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How to install a folding door?

Folding doors are a convenient and ergonomic solution, which is especially suitable for small apartments. Their installation is not complicated – you can easily do it by yourself, with the help of a few simple tools

There are many types of folding doors available on the market. If you associate them only with grandma’s interiors, PVC texture and poor quality of finish, it’s time to show you new arrangement possibilities. If you suffer from lack of privacy and space, accordion doors are the solution to all your problems

Folding door types

Folding doors, as the name suggests, resemble an accordion. They consist of several elements (slats) that are flexibly connected to each other and each has a separate carriage that allows it to move along guides – upper and lower. Folding doors can be opened to the side in the same way as sliding doors, however they are folded in the doorframe (they protrude approximately 10 cm) and do not slide further on the guides

Made of plastic

This is the most popular type of folding door, especially a few decades ago. However, do not suggest unpleasant memories of childhood – nowadays folding doors made of PVC can successfully resemble natural boards. They are covered with foil, which increases their durability and resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. Also this type appears in stores in the widest range of colors.


As it happens with things wood-like, folding doors made of furniture board are usually characterized by lower quality of workmanship and poorer resistance – but this translates into a lower price. They are covered with special laminate in such a way that they imitate the structure of natural wood – knots, rings


Their durability depends mainly on the type of wood used. However, in most cases they are distinguished by the highest durability, as well as delicate, natural aesthetics, which will perfectly fit into Scandinavian and boho interiors. They can be varnished to increase the resistance of the raw material and emphasize the natural structure of the wood.

Regardless of the material, folding doors can be fitted with glazing. Of course, glass goes best with light, natural wood. Such a combination can often appear in small office spaces, as well as in modern homes, where accordion doors are intended to separate space and limit the spread of conversation, and privacy and intimacy is not a priority for household members.

How to install a folding door?

You’ll need the standard tools you’re sure to have in your home – a pencil, a level, a screwdriver and screws, a hand saw

Your doors should be sized for width at the buying stage. It is then that you also choose the thickness and number of s lats – if you eventually find that there are too few or too many, you can remove them or glue additional ones. If the opening has unusual dimensions, it is worth considering buying custom-made folding doors. Once you have decided on a particular model, you can move on to installation

Start by measuring the width of the niche – you need to adjust the length of the top and bottom runners to it. If it is too long, cut them with a saw, and even out uneven ends with sandpaper. First use the screws to mount the top track, then slide the roll of slats into it. The end track is usually connected to the door – just clip it into the clips, which in turn screw into the frame so that they align the slats vertically. See? No problem!

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