Curtains in the bedroom – material, prices and inspiration
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Curtains in the bedroom – material, prices and inspiration

Choosing the right curtain for your bedroom can be a bit tricky, given the multitude of materials, sizes and arrangements. Before buying, think about what character you want to give to the room and what you care about most – should it be a regal atmosphere or something more airy? Once you’ve decided, choose the right fabric and size of curtain or opt for something original.


Their price ranges from 15 to 25 PLN per metre. Curtains made from cotton or a cotton blend are versatile options, as they provide a neat look that suits traditional or modern decorating styles. Cotton lays well, making it ideal for elegant dining rooms too.

If you want to block sunlight in a bright bedroom or provide privacy in a living room, choose cotton curtains with a dense weave or lined panel. In case you prefer to make your room feel light, choose pure cotton. This option casts gently filtered light anywhere and is easy to care for, making it a great choice for children’s rooms.


Polyester is a popular material for curtains because it is durable, long-lasting and inexpensive. Polyester curtains are easy to care for and are resistant to wrinkling, shrinking and stretching. Since the material is low maintenance, it is ideal for beginners. If you are moving into your first home, polyester is a great and cheap option (the price is around £30 per metre)

This fabric is ideal for bedroom or living room curtains. However, avoid furnishing your kitchen with polyester curtains as the material is flammable, can absorb odors and restricts air circulation. Polyester curtains are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. If you have young children or for windows in high-traffic areas, consider choosing a darker color for your curtains, as it can be difficult to remove stains from polyester fabric.


Velvet is a heavy fabric that costs around £100 per metre. It protects against the cold, making it an ideal insulator for homes with drafts. Curtains, thanks to their thickness, provide extra privacy and help block out sounds and light.

Velvet curtains lay well, so this style provides a polished look that adorns formal dining rooms, traditionally decorated living rooms or regal bedrooms


Lace is a see-through fabric, so curtains made from this material tend to diffuse natural light and provide an open and airy feel. Use lace curtains to add a romantic touch to a traditionally decorated dining room, or hang them on French doors to provide some privacy without completely blocking the sunlight source.

Lace curtains are usually available in neutral shades such as white, ivory and écru, making them easy to match any color scheme in the room. The price of the fabric is usually between £50 and £100. Depending on the construction of the lace curtains, they can be dry cleaned or machine washed. Always check care labels for detailed washing instructions.


When choosing fabrics for your bedroom, consider the shape of the window and its size, as well as the size of the room, as curtains that are too voluminous will make it feel smaller. If you have a bay window, the curtains will need to be a little wider to fit around it, and if you have tall windows, don’t forget to measure the length and choose curtains at least several inches longer than the window itself. Keep in mind that floor-length curtains that are draped look more luxurious than those that just rub against the floor.

Layers and blending

Why should you choose a layered curtain? This will create a sense of luxury, even if you haven’t spent a fortune on curtains and blinds. Choose two types of curtains, perhaps one more solid and one clear, and hang them on separate or double rails. The result is a nice look that filters light and provides privacy, as well as subtle color

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