White and silver in interiors – see inspirations
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White and silver in interiors – see inspirations

White and silver is a timeless color combination that works well in any interior. What accessories in these colors are particularly inspiring? Let’s check how to diversify the interior design!

White and silver – a harmonious duet that will delight guests

Poles love conservative interiors in neutral colors – many homes and apartments are dominated by white walls, kitchens, bathrooms and more. Not without reason, white is a universal color, which will never go out of fashion – it brightens the interior and makes the room seem optically larger than it really is. However, in order for an arrangement bathed in white to gain expression, it needs to be broken with another, more distinctive color – silver will be perfect for this role

Where can we use it? If we are designing an interior from scratch, it will be a great idea to buy fittings in this color, to maintain cohesion. It is worth choosing silver faucets both for kitchen and bathroom. Our four corners will gain elegance and modern character if we decide on silver lighting elements – shiny wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or plafonds will surely attract attention of every guest

The most beautiful decorations in silver and white – what to buy?

Of course, nothing stands in the way of introducing silver accents to a bright, white interior also at a later stage. If you often change the decor and have a head full of new ideas, you can buy silver decorations, which at any time can be replaced by accessories in a different color

What accessories will enliven the room in a few moments, by the way not overburdening the household budget? A simple and inexpensive way to introduce shiny elements will be silver decorative pillows, which we can put on the sofa in the living room or on the bed in the bedroom. Create a cozy atmosphere in the room if you decide on stylish glass candlesticks with a glossy or matte finish. An eye-catching mirror or a painting with a silver frame will also be a good choice to decorate the wall

Curtains and curtains with silver thread are an interesting option as they will beautifully reflect the light, giving even the most modest interior an exclusive look. Small accents such as decorative figurines, vases or candles can also make a statement in any room. Lovers of glamour style, who are not afraid of bold combinations, often choose mirrored furniture – a shiny console, dressing table, chest of drawers or bedside table give a spectacular effect, although you have to remember that keeping them clean will not be easy (literally every fingerprint is visible on this type of furniture, dust settling is also very noticeable)

A white and silver kingdom for the youngest

Silver and white will also look beautiful in the children’s room. Wallpapers and decorative stickers are a fashionable way to decorate interiors for the youngest. Charmingly glittering stars, dots or hearts can be stuck to the wall together with a child of several years, thus giving her a lot of joy. A cheaper alternative to wallpapers and stickers can be wall garlands or rosettes. There are a lot of possibilities for arrangements.

To sum up, white and silver color is a universal combination, which can be used both by enthusiasts of minimalism and glamour style – the ground is a good idea and thoughtful combination of additives (remember not to overdo with their quantity). If we do not feel competent enough to make changes in the interior, we can always use the help of an experienced architect. Metamorphosis of a living room, bedroom or other room under the guidance of a professional who knows perfectly well how to exploit the potential of white and silver, will certainly be successful.

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