In what style to decorate an apartment? Overview
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In what style to decorate an apartment? Overview

Once we decide to buy a new apartment, we are faced with a dilemma regarding its decor. Some people leave this task in the hands of interior designers, others look for inspiration in furniture store catalogs. There is also a large group of freshly-minted tenants who browse the Internet and for you we have decided to prepare a short review of popular interior design styles.

Art déco style

Next to the rustic style, art déco is definitely the oldest interior design option on this list, as it gained its particular popularity in the interwar period, when quilted upholstery of rounded furniture, patterned fabrics with motifs of geometric figures or flowers, subdued, often surprising combinations of contrasting colors and lots of antiques from past eras reigned supreme. It is thanks to such combinations that contemporary imitations of this style enjoy the reputation of classic elegance.

Industrial style

Also called loft style, owes its particular popularity to the U.S. of the 50’s. Then, as a result of modernization of industrial plants, abandoned, huge spaces of factories with large windows began to be transformed into cozy apartments, with a dominant shade of white and gray, where raw materials reigned (concrete, metal, wood, glass), illuminated by metal lampshades or bulbs alone. Today, more and more often we can meet with this type of decor in modern buildings.

Vintage style

Vintage style is a peculiar combination of tradition and modernity, usually referring to the concept of zero waste, which in the Polish edition refers primarily to the interior design dominated by the communist era. Today it is characterized by the use of second-hand furniture, distinctive accessories in the form of porcelain, crystal bowls, green bottles of orangeade or old paintings from that period.

Classic style

This is the most durable and popular contemporary style of Polish homes. It is subdued, focuses on utility and durability of rooms, counts on symmetry, simple forms and its leading feature is the presence of stucco on the walls. It seems to be nothing unusual, but pleases the eye

Scandinavian style

Simplicity, economy, lots of light, large spaces, convenience and comfort – this is how in short Scandinavian style can be defined. Scandinavians appreciate white, natural materials (wood, linen) and soft fabrics (cozy blankets and pillows), which gradually infect young Europeans, fascinated by the interiors of homes on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Rustic style

Rustic style is synonymous with rural idyll, a return to the carefree times of hot summers in the countryside. It is supposed to imitate the character of a homely, cozy cottage on the outskirts, where bright colors, folk ornaments, natural materials – mainly wood or stone – bitten by the tooth of time dominate. An inseparable element of rustic interiors are simple flowers, usually those collected in the field.

Hampton style

Hampton style is in turn a journey to coastal regions conducive to tranquility and relaxation. In rooms referring to this style are dominated by bright colors with a dominant role of blue, wood in all forms, long window curtains or soft sofas, on which in their spare time can rest the owners of the home “resort”.

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