What materials to choose a blanket from for winter?
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What materials to choose a blanket from for winter?

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Looking for the perfect blanket for long winter evenings? Do not know what to consider when buying? We suggest what materials are nice to touch, non-allergenic and child-friendly.

A blanket made of the right material will make every chilly evening at home much more pleasant – a perfect cover for reading, watching a movie or taking an afternoon nap. A blanket is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing piece of home furnishing

When deciding which fabric to buy, take into account its purpose and your household members’ allergies. The density of the weave, individual color preferences, dimensions of the blanket and washing recommendations will also be important. It is worth choosing high quality materials, which will be friendly for your body.

Blankets and rugs made of merino wool and cashmere

Wool blankets are characterized by the fact that they cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Many people choose to buy them because wool absorbs moisture, provides proper ventilation and helps maintain an optimal temperature. Thanks to lanolin, wool is also antibacterial. Natural materials are often chosen by people who value style and quality – woolen blankets look very elegant in the home and serve for years. Before buying, however, it is worth checking the composition of the blanket in terms of admixtures. Pure wool is characterized by sharp hairs, which may not suit people with sensitive skin. In addition, wool blankets can become fuzzy and require gentle hand washing or chemical cleaning.

Cotton blankets

Cotton blankets are nice and soft to the touch. If you are looking for the perfect blanket or blanket for winter, choose a model with a thick weave so that it warms more strongly. Cotton is rarely allergenic, so it is suitable for delicate, sensitive skin, and those prone to allergies. It is also recommended for children. It is worth choosing organic cotton blankets, which have the quality certificate for textile products of the Oeko-Tex Organization. Please note that cotton products crease quickly, and therefore require frequent ironing. Cotton blankets can usually be washed in a washing machine.

Fleece blankets

Thick fleece blankets are also great for winter thanks to their good insulation properties. They are also easy to care for, as they do not lose their properties when machine washed and dry quickly. A big advantage of fleece products is that they can be used by people with allergies. Fleece blankets come in many colors and patterns, so you can easily match them to any interior design. For the sake of the environment it’s worth buying blankets made from recycled polyester.

Acrylic blankets

Acrylic is a synthetic material made from artificial yarn. It is much cheaper alternative to wool and is distinguished by its lightness. Acrylic blankets are nice to touch and easy to keep clean. They are characterized by the fact that they do not deform and dry quickly. They work well as a bedspread or wrap in autumn and winter – in summer they may not be breathable enough. The big disadvantage of acrylic is that it can be electrifying.

Baby blankets

When it comes to blankets that will work well for babies and children, it will be primarily: muslin, organic cotton and bamboo fiber. Very pleasant for the delicate skin of the child is also minky fabric. In winter, for transporting the baby or wrapping it indoors, a bamboo blanket is recommended, which is anti-allergic and antibacterial. For the safety of newborns, it is worth choosing blankets with openwork weave, which will provide access to air.

Main photo: Amin Hasani/unsplash.com

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