What to do in the summer in the city?
Living in the city
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What to do in the summer in the city?

Planning to spend the weekend in the city and wondering what to do? Entertainment is hidden not only outside the city limits. Read the article and find out how to actively spend this time.

You do not have to leave the city for your vacation to be full of adventure. In the city you will find many attractions for you and your children, which will certainly appeal to you. The number of events you can plan is only limited by your budget and available time

Summer inspiration

Take advantage of outdoor pools

When the temperature on the thermometer is dizzyingly high, only a cool bath can soothe us. Going to a pool is the perfect solution if you can’t get out of town to the water. Swimming pools, saunas and slides will find their supporters among children and adults.

In addition, larger complexes are sure to have cool alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on offer. Besides, at the pool you can leave your children in the care of trained lifeguards, who will certainly keep an eye on your little ones

Go to a concert with your friends

There’s no shortage of cultural events during the holiday season. This is a great opportunity to discover a new music genre, a fresh album by an artist or a brand new band. Open yourself up to the artistic activities of your city and meet local artists. As an alternative to a concert, you can go to the cinema, art gallery, theater or museum. It’s never too late to fall in love with art!

If you live by a river, take advantage of this fact!

Water bikes or kayaks are at your disposal. It’s the perfect combination of physical activity, meeting friends and exploring the city. When the synoptics predict rain, take advantage of a boat cruise, which will effectively protect you from the bad weather

A great idea for spending time is a bicycle trip. If you live many years in one city, try to get lost. This is a good option to get to know your city better, discover new parks or squares.

Meet new people

If you live in a bigger city, the market will definitely be filled with street artists. It’s worth going out to the city center and see what kind of street art they present. In Warsaw, Wroclaw or Bialystok, you’re bound to meet musicians, fire show artists, dancers or people making giant soap bubbles. It’s the perfect way to make new friends and maybe even learn new artistic skills!

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