What will make it easier to stay indoors during hot weather?
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What will make it easier to stay indoors during hot weather?

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A heatwave has hit Poland and a few days in the tropical climate have made its mark on everyone. Especially apartments in blocks of apartments heat up to unearthly temperatures, which can make their residents feel like they are in an oven. What can you do to make the 30+ degree heat more bearable? See what will help you survive the heat in your apartment.

Air conditioner or fan

Installing an air conditioner is, of course, the easiest way to make sure that your apartment is always nice and cool. However, installing an air conditioner in your apartment is quite a significant cost. Although the investment is worthwhile, it is beyond the reach of many young people or students renting apartments. A much more pocket-friendly gadget for hot weather is a fan. Such a fan can be bought for a few dozen zlotys in any store with household appliances, and in the summer even in popular grocery discount stores. Thanks to the fan, it will be much more pleasant for you to spend time in the apartment during hot weather. With both an air conditioner and a fan, remember to thoroughly clean the equipment, especially if you are allergic. Such equipment can raise huge amounts of dust accumulated on it into the air

Blinds and sun protection

Another effective way to protect yourself from the heat is to cover your windows and keep the sun’s rays out of the room. Roller blind s will not only provide you with privacy but also keep your home cool. In spite of appearances, it is the closed and darkened windows that will give you the best protection against the heat. Opening the windows will only let even more hot air in, making your apartment heat up. If you need more light than traditional blinds let in, opt for day blinds. They are constructed in such a way that they cover only part of the window, letting more daylight into the room

The bane of the summer months are also the insects that multiply in the heat. Flies, mosquitoes and spiders are just some of the unpleasant creatures that are a real scourge of the vacations. The invasion of flies does not make it easy to stay calm during the severe heat. Therefore, while protecting windows against the sun, it is also worth protecting them against insects. Mosquito nets make life significantly easier in summer and ensure that when you open the window, you will not be visited by a swarm of flies that you will have to chase with your paw for hours

How to cool down in hot weather?

First of all, avoid leaving the house as much as you can, such high heat is dangerous. In addition, drink very much water and cold drinks. This will prevent you from dehydration and effectively cool your body

A glass of dissolved electrolytes with ice is a very good idea, drink them once a day to replenish the minerals that your body has lost with sweat. A cool shower or bath will also be nice in hot weather , but remember never get into cold water after being in the sun or when your body is very hot because you risk going into heat shock

The water should be cool, not cold. Also, treating the bends of your elbows and knees with cold water will effectively cool your body. There are a lot of veins in these areas, so pouring cold water on them will bring a moment of relief and distribute the pleasant coolness throughout your body

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