How to find the best place for your TV
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How to find the best place for your TV

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The television is an important fixture in many homes. Most often it is located in the living room, but choosing the right place where it should be can be a problem. We suggest how to choose an interior with a TV set.

Appropriate placement of the TV set

The fastest solution is to place the TV on furniture. It does not require drilling holes in the walls and saves clutter. It is enough to place the TV on a well-chosen chest of drawers or RTV cabinet. An advantage of this solution is fast and trouble-free installation. However such a TV can be easily damaged. If it is not fixed to the furniture permanently, there is a high probability that it will be knocked down. This is especially risky if there are pets or small children in the house. It is also necessary to adjust the height of the TV cabinet so that the screen is at a comfortable level.

Why not hang it up?

Hanging the TV on a special bracket is an increasingly popular solution. The biggest advantage of this method is the possibility to adjust the position of the screen. Some mounts allow you to adjust the screen up and down, while others in all four directions. Such wall mounts can be found at

You can place a cupboard or a table underneath the hung TV to get extra space for storing TV accessories or other things. The disadvantage of this solution is the necessity of drilling into the wall and the fact that you need to buy a suitable TV holder. Keep in mind that not everyone will fit every model of TV.

What is the best place for it?

Regardless of whether the TV is going to be placed on the furniture or hung on the wall, it is very important to choose the right place where it will be located. A good solution, which can be afforded, however, only in large houses, is to arrange one room for a home cinema room.

However, there are ways to properly arrange the interior with a TV. For example, a TV wall with sliding doors, which will cover the screen when the TV is not being used, is an interesting solution. A TV can also be incorporated between cabinets or a picture gallery.

The best place for a TV will be a space near the lounge furniture. Especially if the TV is often watched by more people, the device should be placed across from the sofa or armchairs.

It is best to install the TV on the same wall as most windows, not opposite them. This will help avoid uncomfortable and annoying light reflections on the TV screen.

What else should you pay attention to?

The TV screen should be at an appropriate height. It is important that you do not have to lean forward or raise your head while watching TV. The distance between the TV and the furniture is also important. The bigger the screen is, the greater the distance should be. The largest TV models work best in large interiors.

If you have arranged a wall in your living room with a TV and built-in furniture, it is necessary to take care of proper ventilation. To do this, the walls with the TV and furniture should be arranged leaving an adequate space around the screen. This space will prevent the TV from getting too hot.

It is also better to avoid mounting the TV next to a radiator or fireplace. Too close to such heat sources can be troublesome for the smooth operation of the TV, and in the long run affect its performance and failure rate.

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