Lighting in the apartment – what to follow when choosing?
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Lighting in the apartment – what to follow when choosing?

Lighting in the apartment is as important as the choice of wall color or furniture that matches the form of the interior. Do you want your “four corners” to be functional? Give them the right lamps and chandeliers!

Choosing the right lighting for the apartment is for many people the final stage of any renovation or finishing works related to redesigning the interior. This seemingly simple activity, however, is not so easy to perform when it comes time to look for lamps or smaller lamps

What kind of lighting to choose for an apartment?

It is worth thinking about the choice of lighting for an apartment already at the stage of interior design and follow the rule of “zonality”. Because the elements of lighting should be chosen with regard to the decor and purpose of a given place. It is known that we will give lamps with a different intensity of light to the kitchen than to the living room for example – it also depends on how much time we spend in a given place.

Main and local lighting

When choosing lighting for your home, you should remember that we can divide it into general and local.The first type is the main source of light in the entire room and, when it begins to get dark, replaces daylight. Therefore, the lamps that will be responsible for this type of lighting must adequately illuminate the entire space in the room.

General lighting is dominant and is also the reference point for the other sources of light that we decide to put emphasis on in our apartment. What are the best places to install general lighting in our apartment? Usually such lighting, namely lamps, chandeliers or halogen rails are mounted on the ceilings.

And what is the matter with spot lighting? This, in turn, is a type of artificial light, which is used to brighten up already specific zones in the apartment. Local lighting is invaluable, for example, when we work at the computer in the evening or when we are late making dinner in the kitchen.

For many people, local lighting successfully replaces general lighting, but it is most often used in specific cases, for example as creating a mood for relaxation. But as the name suggests, it is supplementary lighting, rather used complementarily, when there is no need to turn on the main lighting. In what form do we most often meet them? Such lighting is usually in the form of light strings, table or floor lamps and wall lamps.

Lighting for bedrooms and living rooms

Of course, the so-called must-have, when it comes to bedroom lighting, is in addition to lamps (main lighting) on the ceiling, for example, bedside lamps (local lighting) placed on both sides of the bed on bedside tables. This kind of light is perfect if you want to read a book in bed in the evening. The living room can be illuminated in a similar way, with the difference that the local lighting can be very fashionable lately.

Lighting in the kitchen

Kitchen is a room that is often a separate zone. In modern rooms very often we have kitchen islands, this is certainly a place for additional lighting – you can put on it expressive kitchen lamp, being a source of local light.

Bathroom lighting

The bathroom is the most troublesome room in the apartment when it comes to choosing the right lighting. The main lighting is usually already built into the ceiling, at the stage of its finishing. An interesting and proven place for local lighting is the area above the mirror and next to the toilet, where wall lamps can be installed.

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