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Apartment in a tenement or in a block of apartments? What are the advantages?

Seamus Fallon
Mieszkanie w kamienicy czy w bloku? Jakie zalety?

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High ceilings, creaky floors and a unique atmosphere, ample parking and lower heating bills. One thing is certain each solution has its pros and cons. Facing the choice of renting or buying an apartment in a tenement or in a block of apartments, it is worth to think about several things. One of them is our family situation. It is easier for singles and young couples to accept the lack of an elevator and living in the city center than for parents with small children. Individual preferences should also be taken into account. Find out the advantages of living in a tenement house and the pros of living in a block of apartments

What is a problem and disadvantage for one person, may turn out to be a huge advantage for another. Therefore, there is no single right answer as to where it is better to live in a tenement house or in a block of flats. However, it is worth to be aware of the differences between these two places of residence. Currently, many people are looking for an apartment in a tenement because apartments in tenements have a unique atmosphere and history. A big disadvantage of apartments located in old tenement houses is the lack of an elevator and steep stairs. Modernization or possible repairs in such a building are often made difficult by the fact that the property is under the care of the conservator of historical buildings. Check what to pay attention to when choosing an apartment

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An old-fashioned tenement or a modern apartment in a block of flats – which is better to choose?

Advantages of living in a tenement house

  1. Climatic buildings tenement houses, especially those which are already several years or even decades old, are usually real architectural gems. Old bricks, interesting cornices and unique layout of the apartment make it unique
  2. Thick walls a characteristic feature of tenement houses is that they usually have very thick walls. Thanks to that, we do not hear noise from the premises next door and we are not disturbed by noises from neighbors’ apartments above and below ours
  3. Pleasant coolness in summer heat it is a fact that apartments in tenement houses cannot be easily and cheaply heated, however there is also another side of the coin. In summer months, when it is hot outside, tenement house walls provide pleasant coolness which is better than air conditioning
  4. Close to the city center tenement houses are usually located in a short distance or even in the very center of the city. So it is an excellent solution for people who like city lifestyle and want to save time on commuting
  5. High ce ilingsa huge advantage of apartments located in tenement houses are high ceilings. Such interiors immediately seem more spacious and brighter to us. It is also a great space to implement interesting arrangement ideas e.g. in eclectic or industrial style

Advantages of living in a block of apartments

  1. Modern and practical construction apartments in blocks, especially those recently built, are usually perfectly adapted to the needs of residents. A spacious elevator or a large parking lot significantly increase the attractiveness of such a solution.
  2. Attractive price apartments in blocks are usually cheaper than those in tenement houses. Also the bills, especially those for heating, are much lower than in a historic tenement house.
  3. Infrastructure in the vicinity of blocks of flats there is usually developed infrastructure which makes the location a very convenient place to live. Various stores, nurseries, kindergartens, restaurants or gyms are just some of the services which open near the blocks. In addition, playgrounds and sports fields for children are often built near the blocks
  4. Technical condition of the building thanks to the constant supervision of the cooperative or housing community the blocks are regularly repaired and modernized
  5. Lack of noise remoteness from the city center results in less noise pollution due to less car traffic. We also do not suffer from the street hustle and bustle and the sounds of night life, which is often carried out in cities until late hours

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