A house in the city – is it worth it?
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A house in the city – is it worth it?

We are planning to build our desired house. But where to put it? In the city? In the countryside? In this case you need to think about the location.

When we make the decision to build a house we are usually excited, excited and yet also worried. It is a huge investment and in many cases – for life. In Poland, people rarely move from the house they have built (it is completely different in the United States, where everyone moves several times in their life). Should we choose a house in the city, or maybe a little closer to nature? It depends on what our needs and preferences are.

Advantages of a house in the city

A house in the city has one main and unquestionable advantage – everywhere is close: to stores, work, cinema, offices, etc. To get anywhere, it often takes only a moment (unless you drive a car at a time when there are traffic jams).

However, you have to reckon with the fact that a plot in a city costs several times more than one situated several kilometers away from it. Therefore, when deciding to build in such a place, you need to have a bit more cash and be prepared to settle for a smaller, and sometimes very small, plot. As a result, we can rather forget about a fashionable nowadays single-storey house, which occupies a considerable area, and thus requires a large piece of land

When building a house in a city, we usually have easy access to all utilities such as water, gas and electricity. To connect them to the plot outside the city is also a considerable cost. And here another advantage should be mentioned – you don’t have to worry about any deep wells or furnaces or boiler houses. The house can be heated with gas, which is a cleaner and easier solution.

A house in the city is also an ideal solution for people who do not care about beautiful, picturesque surroundings and woods. Vacant lots are usually located between houses that have long been built, there are often blocks of flats nearby, and the only place to walk is possibly a park. That’s why it’s a perfect location for busy people who spend most of the day away from home, go out often and like the hustle and bustle of the city

Living in the city we also have easier access to all kinds of services. Here, goods ordered in a store, catering or even pizza will be delivered to our house without any problem

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Disadvantages of a house in the city

Building a house in the city is certainly much more expensive than a house in the country. Starting with the land itself, here prices can vary dramatically. Often we also do not have the opportunity to build a very modern house, because there are other houses in the area for years, to which it is necessary to adapt (according to the zoning plan). You should also rather aim for an “up” house, i.e. a house consisting of several storeys, as it is difficult to find an attractive and at the same time large plot of land in the city

However, you cannot count on peace, quiet and fresh air here. The city has its charms, but life here moves faster and is much louder. You can hardly count on neighborly friendships, people often simply do not have time for them. This is completely different from suburban towns or those really far from the city, where it feels as if time has stopped.

Nowadays, building a house in a metropolitan area, investors usually decide on recuperation, for air exchange without having to open the windows (this is associated with exhaust fumes and noise). Recuperation costs tens of thousands of zlotys

So is it worth building a house in the city? It certainly depends on the needs, character and lifestyle of the person who is going to live there. If someone doesn’t need greenery, peace and quiet and has a lot of cash – then yes, probably. Otherwise, a house outside the city will be a better solution.

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