Hygiene and clean air – the key to a comfortable office
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Hygiene and clean air – the key to a comfortable office

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The quality of the air we breathe is very important to our health. The office is the place where we often spend most of the day. Therefore, hygiene and clean air is crucial for work comfort. Find out how to take care of these issues in the workplace.

Ventilation and air conditioning

They should ensure the appropriate quality of the internal environment in the office, i.e. cleanliness and temperature of the air, as well as the speed of movement in the room and the amount of air exchange. It is important to comply with legal regulations and fire safety conditions, as well as acoustic requirements, which can also be found in relevant regulations.

Mechanical or gravity ventilation should be provided in each room intended for human occupation, in rooms without openable windows and in other rooms where for various reasons (for example, health or safety) it is necessary to ensure air exchange.

Air conditioning, on the other hand, should be used in rooms, which for hygienic, utility, health or technological reasons have to maintain appropriate air parameters.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems

Ventilation and air-conditioning devices should meet the requirements specified in legal regulations. Air conditioning systems should also be equipped with devices automatically controlling the temperature in individual rooms. If it is not possible to install such devices, regulation in the cooling zone is acceptable.

Ventilation and air-conditioning devices should be used in such a way that the desired indoor air quality can be achieved, while at the same time rational use of energy for heating, cooling and electricity. Air conditioning units should be equipped with appropriate measuring devices, which are used to check the conditions of their operation.

All ventilation and air conditioning units, air conditioners, as well as heating and cooling-ventilation apparatuses should be installed so that there is the possibility of their periodic inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement.

How to take care of air quality and equipment?

Treatments that aim to take care of the proper operation of ventilation and air conditioning equipment, include de-fumigation of indoor air conditioners.

Another activity to take care of the quality of the surface and its hygiene is thermal disinfection. Information on this can be found at https://airconindustry.pl/dezynfekcja-termiczna/.

When it comes to taking care of the air itself, one way to achieve good air quality is through recuperation and ventilation. You can read more about these methods here: https://www.hmi.info.pl/rekuperacja-szczecin-wentylacja-filtry-czyste-powietrze/.

Office hygiene

In addition to air quality, you should take care of the cleanliness of the surfaces you use every day at work. It is worth remembering about waste containers, which will allow for segregation. It is a very important issue, therefore every desk should have a container for paper waste. And in the rooms – properly marked containers for plastic and artificial waste, glass, bio and paper. To avoid unpleasant odors, it is a good idea for each container to have a bag, and for the containers to have lids.

The employer must also take care of the necessary accessories for cleaning, such as cleaning products, brooms and gloves. Especially in times of pandemic, it is important to make sure there are enough hand sanitizers.

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