Stone flooring – not only for luxury interiors
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Stone flooring – not only for luxury interiors

Stone flooring has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is a misconception that it fits only into luxurious interiors. Stone is a great building and design material, most of all abrasion resistant and resistant to any damage.

For many people stone floors are associated with luxury interiors, mainly because they are considered to be cold and austere, which brings to mind huge spaces in modern and modernistic houses or apartments. This is partly true, as we can often see stone floors in villas, almost in every room. After all, it’s a great building material that has a whole bunch of functional advantages

Stone goes well with balcony or patio decor, or laid on the garden path, but more and more people are also deciding to lay a stone floor, for example in the living room or kitchen. In fact, stone floor doesn’t have to be a horrendously expensive solution in interior design.

Stone floor has many advantages. What are they?

When you don’t know what kind of flooring to choose, you can confidently bet on one made of stone. Why? According to many interior decorators and architects, it’s an investment for years. The main advantage of natural stone is its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Of course, stone flooring can be made of various types of rocks, which are also characterized by a variety of structures, and what is connected with it, floor tiles can be processed and their shape and thicknesscan be adjusted to the overall decor of a given room.

In the case of most flooring materials, time does not affect them in their favor, but it is different with stone. Over the years its texture becomes more pronounced, what’s more it’s also a great material to use underfloor heating under

What types of stone are the most popular choices for flooring? It’s marble and granite. You can get marble in many color variants, but it is a material which needs special care, because it tarnishes quite quickly. That is why it is best to cover floors in a hallway or on a balcony or terrace with it

In turn, granite is a very durable material, so floors are extremely resistant to any scratches and easy to clean. Kitchen, as well as bathroom – these are home rooms, where granite flooring works best, because we can easily get rid of any dirt, which is not difficult to getthere.

Interior design with stone flooring in mind

Before we decide to lay a stone floor, we need to visualize the whole decoration of a given room. Therefore, we should take into consideration the level of wear and tear of stone (it depends on a place, where we decide to lay a floor) and its harmony with other elements of equipment. For example, if we decide on a stone floor in the kitchen, it should be combined with kitchen worktops and in the living room with fireplace surround or windowsills

What else should we combine stone with in interior design?

Stone is a decorative material which emphasizes uncommon character of an interior and will create really good composition with material furniture, wood and especially with fragments of house plants. Of course, combining individual elements of interior design in one color scheme is very chic, but let’s not be afraid to go a little crazy either.

Let’s play with contrasts, on the principle of color exposure. For example, a stone floor (e.g. graphite) may be boldly contrasted with a juicy color of walls. Unconventional accessories will also add some spice to the whole, e.g. some unique fruit bowls, e.g. brought from a holiday trip.

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