How do I prepare my apartment for seasonal rental?
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How do I prepare my apartment for seasonal rental?

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The vacations are approaching, and with them comes the period of going on vacation. Many people decide at this time to rent an apartment to tourists on a seasonal basis. Travelers are often tempted by this form of accommodation because it is very convenient and cheap compared to hotels or renting a house. So how to prepare an apartment for seasonal rental? We suggest!

Cleanliness and efficiency of equipment

First of all, before placing an ad, make sure that the apartment is perfectly clean and that all of its appliances work. A broken washing machine or dishwasher is not only an inconvenience for your guests, but it can also lead to flooding. A non-functioning microwave, coffee maker, or gas stove will make your guests’ stay more difficult and lower their opinion of the place. When it comes to cleanliness, don’t shy away from hiring a cleaning company that has professional equipment and chemicals. This will help you achieve the highest standard of cleanliness in your apartment. When it comes to repairing appliances, most often it is enough to replace one component. Wholesale home appliances certainly have what you need in their assortment

Luxury bathroom

The standard of the bathroom often speaks in favor of the accommodation. Tourists and holidaymakers want to take a long bath or a relaxing shower after an eventful day and unwind before going to bed. It should also be remembered that on vacation people want to relax and experience a bit of “otherness”, so the bathroom should meet the requirements of even picky guests. In fashion nowadays are large showers and transparent shower cabins. Such a change will give the bathroom in an apartment for rent a slightly hotel-like, luxurious feel

Also take care of decorations, enough towels and hygiene products. Soap or a miniature shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom is sure to please your guests and will have a positive impact on your guest’s rating and opinion of the place.

Bedding and textiles

Textiles are the easiest way to decorate your living room and bedroom. Blankets, pillows, bedspreads, and curtains instantly make a room seem cozy but also more elegant. To create a hotel-like atmosphere in your seasonal rental apartment, check out This company produces textile articles, among others for hotels. On their website you can order bed sheets, curtains, plain and embroidered towels and even bathrobes.

With these accessories, the apartment will look like at least a four-star hotel, and you, because of the high standard of the apartment, can increase the price of rent. Textiles will not only give a pleasant atmosphere, but also create the whole interior design. Depending on what patterns and materials you choose, the apartment can be more elegant or modern

Attention to detail

It is said that the devil is in the details and this is indeed the case. To make your apartment decor complete, inviting and attract guests, take care of the small decorations. A framed poster on the wall, potted plants on a window sill or shelf, atmospheric lights and candles will make your home more pleasant. If you want guests to visit the apartment often during the season, do not underestimate the importance of details and decor

Seasonal apartment rentals are becoming increasingly popular with both tourists and renters. This is a great business idea during the summer vacation months. To ensure that your apartment is always short on rentals, make sure you provide a high standard. Then your guests are sure to be happy!

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