7 solutions for the urban home
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7 solutions for the urban home

Do you dream of a house in the city center, but do not have unlimited cash? It is worth taking some important advice during construction.

Many people dream about their own home, but at the same time cannot imagine moving outside the city. There’s no denying it – living near the city center is a great convenience, easy transport and access to numerous entertainment options, which when living several dozen kilometers away we can rather forget about. So we check what solutions are beneficial for people who intend to build their dream house in the city

1. The plot does not have to be huge – it is enough to build on a small area

Plots in the city cost even several times more than those located several dozen kilometers away. So the price can be dizzying. Therefore, when building a house in the city (and not having a wallet stuffed with cash) rather forget about a single-storey house. In this case a house with a small footprint will be a much better solution

Thanks to this, instead of a plot of 1000 m² we will only need 500 m² (and even less if we don’t care about the backyard). This will allow us to spend much less money for the land on which our dream property will stand in the future.

2. Several storeys are a good idea

Due to the fact that few of us have a large plot of land to build a house in the city, it is necessary to build it on a small area. That is why it is worth deciding on several storeys. On the floors we can successfully locate the necessary rooms and premises. Besides, it is not true that building a house “upstairs” is a more expensive solution – on the contrary. It is true that we pay for e.g. stairs, but we save a lot on the roof area.

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3. Think about a cellar

Today many people resign from having a cellar – and it is a pity. This is because it is a very good solution, especially if we do not have a large plot of land. We can make many rooms there, where we will keep for example a lawnmower, tools, etc. This way there will be no need to build an additional building. Thanks to this there will be no need to build an additional utility building in the backyard.

Interestingly, a properly arranged basement can also serve as a garage. Making an additional extension for a car is troublesome and can take up a lot of space. And even though building a basement often costs a bit more, overall the expense will definitely be worth it.

4. Think about a flat roof – it can be used as an observation deck

Currently flat roofs from several decades ago are coming back into favor. However, they are different from their predecessors from the communist times. You can arrange e.g. a viewing terrace on them. This is a great idea, because when building a house in the city, there is often no way to make a terrace in the backyard. Besides, if the house is high, the view will certainly be breathtaking. And lovers of extravagance and unusual solutions can also make on a flat roof… a swimming pool! It will be the envy of everyone around!

5. Windows are important

A house in a city, which is located on a small plot, must have well-planned windows. You also have to remember about maintaining an appropriate distance from the road and neighbors. If we will be too close to the neighboring plot and we do not want the house to be without window openings, we can choose luxaffers (they are in vogue again). Luxafers let light into the house, while at the same time you can’t see what’s going on behind them. This is a great solution for urban properties.

Besides, remember that in the city the air is also much more polluted, so windows get dirty faster. That is why it may be worth resigning from very large windows, which would constantly need to be cleaned. When it comes to their location, it is of course worth to have them on the eastern side, so that the apartment is sunny and more pleasant at the same time.

6. Recuperation is a good choice

The city is usually associated with noise. That is why open windows are rather not an option. However, if we want to enjoy fresh air all the time – it is worth investing in recuperation. It is ventilation of rooms (energy-saving). The polluted and used air is removed on a regular basis and fresh air is supplied. And all this in complete silence.

7. Collectors – a chance to save money

If we build a high house, collectors are the perfect solution. Thanks to them we will have almost all the time hot water. Especially that cities willingly subsidize such projects, so we can pay for them really not much, and the savings that we will have from their use can be counted in thousands of zlotys!

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