Semi-detached housing – advantages and disadvantages
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Semi-detached housing – advantages and disadvantages

Do you dream of living in a famous semi-detached house? Or maybe you have never considered this option, but have seen a very attractive offer and are considering whether it is worth giving it serious consideration?

Semi-detached housing is more popular than you might think and has its undeniable advantages. However, as well as its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. It is worth examining both before you make your final decision on whether or not to live in a semi-detached house.

How much will you save?

It is the question of money that many times comes into play when plans to live in a semi-detached house come up. If you are just going to build a semi-detached house, already during the cost estimate you will realize that it is much more profitable than if you were to build a detached house

You will save both money and time. What is the reason for this? The fact that by connecting the buildings with one wall, you do not have to arrange it in any way. This may seem trivial, yet specialists say that it significantly affects the cost of building a house.

You will be warmer

…because your house hugs another house! As strange as it sounds, just the fact that two houses are attached to each other significantly affects the thermal performance of the building. It is because your home is part of a semi-detached development that you will spend much less money on heating it during the fall and winter months. As a result, your budget will be in much better shape during these months.

Almost like at home

Despite appearances, living conditions in a semi-detached house do not differ much from those in a detached house. When deciding on a semi-detached house, you gain a private entrance to your own space which you can develop in any way you like

In contrast to an apartment in a block of apartments, you don’t need the cooperative’s consent for major renovation, you decide yourself what the interior of your house will look like. In addition, together with a semi-detached house you also get your own garden, and the way you arrange it is fully up to you. It may be a relaxation zone, a vegetable garden or a place for social meetings.

Smaller plot, bigger possibilities

To buy a plot suitable for house construction, we have to spend a considerable amount of money. In the case of construction of a semi-detached house, a smaller and narrower plot will be perfect. Thanks to the fact that the building will be placed at the very border of the plot, you will significantly increase your construction possibilities, and it will also allow you to arrange your garden in an interesting way

If you associate semi-detached houses with a sad patch of greenery, know that it does not have to look like that at all! Remember also that a plot of land allows you to extend your house upwards, which an apartment will not provide. So it may turn out that even the biggest apartment will not meet your expectations, while a semi-detached house will!

Being friends with your neighbors..

Although it can be a nuisance, a close neighbourhood also brings many advantages – especially if a harmonious neighbourhood community is what you pay attention to when buying property. In addition, a good neighbor is not only a companion for a barbecue on a Saturday afternoon, but also a guarantee of safety when you decide to go for a longer trip. You can rest in peace when you are aware that your house is not left unattended and that someone is constantly watching it.

…but what to do when you have enough of it?

Unfortunately, we don’t always have to enjoy how close we are to our neighbors. We go out to water our flowers and there is our neighbor. We want to read a book in our own garden in peace – our neighbors’ children’s ball goes straight into our cup with tea. From behind the wall we can hear everything our neighbors are talking about, and when they start arguing, we would really like to drop everything and go to the Bieszczady mountains. To a single-family house where no one else is within a few kilometers. At least a few kilometers..

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