Small bathroom – how to make it a functional interior?
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Small bathroom – how to make it a functional interior?

A spacious bathroom is a dream of many people. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make even this small one useful and impressive

Designing a bathroom

If your bathroom is not finished yet, prepare its exact concept. You can commission a bathroom design, or you can do it yourself. To do this, go to an architect. He or she can design a conceptual or comprehensive plan. Such an option in the offer also often have large furniture stores. Sometimes you can get the design for free when you do some major shopping there. If you decide to go it alone, use design programs for this purpose. These are available online and easy to use.

The first step of creating a bathroom allows you to calculate the exact costs. It is also easier to make better use of the space. The design stage is appropriate for choosing lighting and heating. At this point, you also have time to choose basic appliances. Consider what will be more practical for you. You can choose between different types of appliances. Make sure you use the space wisely. Also think about what items you need in your bathroom. For example, you may be able to move the washing machine to another room, such as a storage room or the kitchen. Modular cabinets may be useful. You can fit a lot in them and they are very original

Also popular in small bathrooms are those hidden behind the mirror or above the toilet roll. If your bathroom is narrow, consider a corner sink or an undermount sink. You need to remember to properly determine the distance between the items. If they are placed too tightly, they will unfortunately spoil the functionality. Opt for minimalist solutions. Furnishings are very often created in non-standard sizes. In addition, many stores offer the preparation of customized furniture. Thanks to this, already at the design stage you can choose the dream arrangement of the development.

Additional elements

The next important issue is the selection of equipment and accessories. With a small bathroom, it is best to base on a shower without a shower tray. This is a very modern and practical element. It takes up little space and is a fashionable solution. However, when you really want to use the bathtub, you can choose the corner ones. Thanks to its shape, it will fit into most rooms. Bathroom faucets are an often underestimated addition. Well-chosen ones affect the aesthetics and functionality. They allow you to keep the bathroom clean. At erie-lazienkowe you will find elegant faucets that will improve the comfort of your bathroom. Choose this element last, as it completes the whole arrangement. Accessories in a small room will work better on a placed wall. They do not take up additional space on the cabinets. For this purpose, small shower shelves and various hangers will be useful

How to optically enlarge your bathroom?

You can also make your bathroom seem bigger than it really is. Start your arrangements already with the floor and wall tiles. As you know, bright colors optically enlarge the space. So choose white and subtle shades of gray or beige. If your space is small, avoid expressive patterns and thick textures on tiles. Contrasting grouting is not welcome. The room will appear larger if you install mirrors in appropriate places. Don’t be afraid to bet on more of them. Mirroring can make the space seem even twice as big. Additionally, bet on diffused lighting. LED strips, placed at the ceiling or sink, may be useful

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