Packing rules before moving out
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Packing rules before moving out

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Moving house is a stressful moment for many people and involves a lot of formalities, so it is worth ensuring that the process of selecting items and packing them goes smoothly. In this article you will find some useful tips on how to better organize yourself

1. Start preparing in advance

A few weeks before the move, make a preliminary selection of your belongings. For this purpose, you can make a list of your belongings, which will be divided by rooms. Make an inventory of furniture, appliances, books and clothes, among other things. During the selection process, set aside fragile and delicate items such as electronics, glassware, china, family heirlooms and artwork. These types of items will need extra protection when packing

Moving is the perfect opportunity to think about what you will need in your new home and what you should throw away. Sell or donate furniture and appliances that you no longer need. It doesn’t make sense to pay for transportation and let it clutter up your new place. If you start preparing to move in advance, you will reduce stress and have more time to sell the items you don’t need

2. Stock up on packing materials

To streamline the whole process, buy cardboard boxes with flaps and a strong bottom in advance. Ideally, choose a sturdy type of cardboard boxes that will provide good protection for the items transported in them. Opt for large cardboard boxesthat are equipped with comfortable carrying handles and that resist mechanical damage during transport

To avoid overloading your boxes, find out what their maximum load is before packing. Also make sure you have some adhesive tape or a stapler for boxes as well as some old newspapers, bubble wrap, and packing stuffersto minimize the risk of damage during transport. Vacuum bags will also work well for packing clothes, bedding or quilts as they allow you to reduce the volume of the fabrics

3. Pack your belongings properly

Start by packing items and equipment that you rarely use, such as seasonal clothes. Remember to protect fragile items with bubble wrap or fabric, such as a towel, as the extra layer of protection will help absorb shocks during transport. Also make sure that packing cartons contain crumpled newspapers and special parcel fillers, which minimize mechanical damage

When packing clothes and fabrics, try to roll them up to save more space in your suitcase. Many frequent movers also recommend preparing a separate box of necessities for your first day in your new home. Seal the boxes with wide duct tape and label the contents with stickers or a visible marker. Transporters may need to know what’s inside so they know where to put the boxes during transport.

4. Ensure safe transport

Heavy items, instruments, and some furniture may require professional help during the move. If necessary, use a professional mover. If you’re transporting things on your own, make sure that the box with fragile and vulnerable items won’t slide around in the car.

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