Looking to adopt a puppy? These things are worth stocking up on
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Looking to adopt a puppy? These things are worth stocking up on

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Adopting a dog is a very exciting, but also demanding event. At the very beginning, every carer must arm himself with a lot of patience and free time. In order to make the beginning with a new dog easier, it is worth taking care of the layette in advance. This will save stress for both you and the little one. See what to buy before taking home a puppy

Bowls and food for a puppy

A small dog needs very good quality food. His digestive system is still developing, so food containing grains, soy or other harmful fillers can harm him much more seriously than an adult dog. Sudden change of food can also cause severe diarrhea, which will end up with a visit to the vet and a drip. At the shelter, find out what food your pooch is currently eating and stock up on a few. This is necessary for a healthy and gradual transition of your pooch to a different food. For the first 2-3 days, give your dog the old food he was eating before. For the next 3-5 days, mix the old food with the new food in a 75% to 25% ratio. After that, increase the portion of the new food to 50% to 50% and stay with that for the next few days (up to 5, depending on your dog’s reaction). For the last 3 days of the conversion, change the ratio to 25% of the old food and 75% of the new food, after which time you can feed only the new food of your choice. Your puppy’s food should be nutrient rich and fairly high in calories, as his body is just developing and needs a lot of energy

The energy (caloric) needs of a puppy in the first 5 months of life, can be calculated using the formula: DER = 3 x RER, where DER is daily energy requirement and RER is resting energy requirement. A puppy’s RER can be calculated by approximately substituting into the formula: 70 x 0.75 body weight. Up to 80% of the adult dog’s body weight, DER = 2.5 x RER, and from the time it reaches adult body weight, DER = 1.8 RER.

A fantastic food for puppies is Countryside Homestead dry food. It is very high in meat, has no cloggers, is healthy, gluten-free, and also contains no dyes, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers

Bowls for your dog should be placed on the ground within reach of your pet. Until recently, doctors and zoophysiotherapists recommended bowls on stands because they provided a healthier posture for the spine while eating. However, recent studies have shown that eating from an elevated position increases the risk of gastric torsion, which can be very dangerous for a young pooch. A food bowl will be best made of stainless steel, as it does not react with food in any way and is resistant to canine teeth. A ceramic bowl is best for water. Water in it spoils at the latest and has the best taste, thanks to which dogs are more eager to drink

Corner for a puppy

Every dog must have a corner in the house where it can calm down, be alone with itself and escape from unwanted interaction. Prepare a bed and bowls in a quiet area of the house for your dog to use as a refuge. The bed you choose should be at least 10-15% longer and wider than the dog – then he will be able to easily enter the REM phase, during which the dog rests and the brain consolidates information in long-term memory. You can find dog beds in all sizes and accessories at https://beds4dogs.pl/kategoria-produktu/dodatki/


Puppies are volcanoes of energy, so they need lots of exercise and physical and intellectual exertion. Puppies need to have their toys, and each toy can have a different function so that, as a guardian, you can help your dog cope with emotions or events

  • A tug-of-war will help your dog discharge energy, strengthen the bond between you, and help build a healthy, friendly relationship. When playing with a tug, it is a good idea to let your dog win, this way you will boost his confidence and give him a reason to be happy and proud. Do not be afraid that the dog will start to dominate you, this theory was already disproved years ago, by its author himself.Playing with a tug is especially important during the period of replacement of teeth from milk to permanent
  • A sniffing mat and interactive toys will give your dog the intellectual exercise needed for quality sleep and rest and to quell difficult emotions. They will also help build motivation for food, which will come in handy during training
  • Chews will protect your shoes and furniture from dog teeth. Choose only natural ones, white bones or shoes made of pressed leather are chemicals themselves, they are very dangerous for your dog’s health. Sinews, lungs, penises, rumen or beef intestines will keep your dog entertained and allow him to fulfill his natural need to chew and gnaw
  • Licking toys will help your dog calm down, such as after a walk or before bedtime. This is especially important with puppies, who are not yet able to rest and are experiencing intense emotions all the time.

Main photo: Tanya Gorelova/pexels.com

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