David Chipperfield – who is he and what does he create?
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David Chipperfield – who is he and what does he create?

David Chipperfield is one of the most famous names in contemporary architecture. His projects draw attention with their ascetic style, winning many awards. What is worth knowing about this talented architect?

David Chipperfield – builder of museums. Profile of the architect

David Chipperfield is a British architect, who was born in 1953 in London. In 1984 he founded his own firm David Chipperfield Architects. Currently, the architect has several offices located in different parts of the world (including London, Shanghai, Berlin, Milan). Chipperfield is currently the recipient of many prestigious awards, including a Stirling (2007) for the German Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach am Neckar. However, his most famous project in recent years is the redevelopment of the Neues Museum in Berlin, which earned him the so-called Israeli Nobel Prize for Art, the Wolf Prize, and the European Mies van der Rohe Prize (2011). It is worth noting that this extremely hard-working architect has participated in more than 50 competitions

David Chipperfield’s style – what distinguishes his architectural vision?

David Chipperfield is recognized in the environment as a continuator of modernism, an enthusiast of restrained elegance, austerity and moderation. He often uses simple, geometric forms in his designs and adheres to the “less is more” principle. Chipperfield is best known for his designs and renovations of museums, but he also enjoys designing other buildings – corporate headquarters, shopping malls, private homes, and hotels. He is a disciple of the legendary architect Norman Foster. Below is an overview of some of David Chipperfield’s most important and interesting works.

Carmen Würth Forum Art Museum in Germany

The museum was founded in the 1970s by Reinhold Würth (a German billionaire and art collector). In 2018, David Chipperfield designed an extension to the Carmen Würth Forum (detailed work was completed in 2020). The architect used simple forms – typical of his work. The building impresses with its minimalist volumes with flat facades, varied by large glazings that allow plenty of light into the interiors. Raw blocks perfectly fit into the natural landscape and emphasize the post-industrial character of the area.

Tate Modern Museum in Great Britain

In 1994 David Chipperfield as the only British had the honor to rebuild the prestigious museum of modern art Tate Modern (British National Museum of International Modern Art in London). The building is located in a very charming area on the south bank of the Thames in Southwark.

Museum of Literature in Marbach am Neckar, Germany

Another interesting project by Chipperfield is the Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach, Germany, which perfectly combines modernity with classical reminiscences. The building is located in a beautiful park near the Schiller National Museum. The frugal colonnaded cuboid was recognized by the Royal Institute of British Architects, which awarded the architect the Stirling Prize in 2007.

Main photo: Luis Dalvan/pexels.com

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