Decorative textiles for the living room worth having
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Decorative textiles for the living room worth having

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When choosing textiles for your living room, you can’t go to the store and pick just any fabric. In doing so, you need to think about what products will fit into your arrangement. The way it is made, the texture and of course the color will be the features you will pay special attention to. Below are the styles in which the right decorative textiles will work.


The contemporary living room is one of the simpler styles to achieve – and popular, so all the pieces you need are readily available. Inspired by Scandinavian design, it focuses on cozy minimalism. The modern look is all about simplicity, space and discreet style. The four main elements – namely sofas, curtains, rug and table – should work well as a whole. This doesn’t mean they all have to be the same color or pattern, but they should all complement each other.

Then you can add subtle details and touches of personality to your accent pieces, such as lampshades, draperies, and potted plants. Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring! Think quirky, modern shapes and styles of accent pieces, but don’t overdo it – just a few will do.

For colors, think neutral light tones first: broken white walls, creams and light beiges help create an airy and fresh feel. To break this up, choose accent colors for your pillows and rug, or go for geometric patterns. This helps to add a bit of visual interest without dampening the serenity that is at the heart of modern living room design.

You can keep the light neutral on the sofas or choose a dark neutral such as navy or graphite for a bit of contrast. For tables, choose glass for a modern, sophisticated look, and if you find it too clinical, wicker or simple white wood will soften the look. Rugs work well in a modern living room, but are more often paired with bare floorboards. Opt for decorative pillows too Modern interiors don’t necessarily have to be ruled by cool minimalism.


There’s nothing more welcoming and cozy than a fireplace, thick sofas to sink into, and warm colors. Despite the name, this look doesn’t have to be stuck in the past. It’s more about using traditional elements, like solid wood furniture and exposed beams, in a more modern and practical space.

Think about this when choosing your most important pieces: they should feel old, yet look timeless. Items such as leather armchairs, oak tables and bookcases provide the homely feel that this look is all about. A living room in a country cottage, cozy chairs and a fireplace.

Tactile fabrics, such as wool knit bedspreads, are a great addition to one or two rugs. Thick velvet curtains with ruffles and tassels can go very well with a cozy theme, as well as with classic sofas upholstered in soft fabrics.

Traditional living rooms tend to focus on warm, welcoming tones such as burnt oranges, dark greens and deep reds, complemented by dark, natural wood textures. For a more modern look that still sticks to the theme, neutral beiges and creams can also look very good.

Having a real fireplace or stove is a real asset in a traditional living room, but it’s not required! However, if you do have one, you have a ready-made focal point. Accentuate it with an elegant brass-framed mirror above the fireplace or a stack of logs for even more impact.


Vintage style isn’t a million miles away from the traditional living room, but it draws more from the handcrafted, quirky pop art and kitsch of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

It’s very easy to go overboard with this kind of style, but you really only need a few key elements to pull it all together. Go shopping at your favorite vintage and antique stores and grab some unique bargains, or look online – places like Allegro and OLX are good portals to start. Also look out for decorative items: old typewriters, framed prints of vintage ads and any other curios you can find are great additions.

A black living room with a black fireplace and black window frames, then a dark brown leather sofa and bookcase in the corner Whether it’s low-slung seating, a stylish leather sofa, or an old dresser that’s been transformed into a table, these are your furniture pieces that should take center stage. You can use lots of patterned fabrics to liven things up: vintage or striped pillows can make things stand out.

There’s no set color scheme you have to work with, but starting with a neutral white base is a good idea so your statement pieces can stand out. A touch of pastel colors can soften the look, and if you want something more vibrant, consider wallpapering just one wall in a floral pattern.

When it comes to curtains, look at stripes and geometric patterns – these were extremely popular in the 1960s and will help pull the styling together. Don’t worry too much about staying in the style of one era, either: a vintage-style living room can be as eclectic as you like.

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