Inspirations for designing a kitchen in a tenement house
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Inspirations for designing a kitchen in a tenement house

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Everyone dreams that their kitchen is not only functional but also pretty. How to achieve such an effect while arranging the interior in a tenement house? We present ideas for kitchen arrangement.

How to arrange a kitchen in a tenement house?

Such interior can be adjusted to the times the building comes from. However, it is not a necessity. You can arrange the kitchen in such a way that it has a modern, unique style. You can deviate from the ‘guidelines’ of that period by choosing a kitchen that is stylishly in keeping with the history of the building. It is also possible to combine the charm of past eras with modernity.

Most kitchens in tenements are large, so it is necessary to take care of appropriate space management. Furniture should be massive. Classical furniture, divided into upper and lower parts, as well as those in a whole-walled system, will work well here. In a large kitchen, a properly exposed kitchen island will look interesting.

Eclectic kitchen

This is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want to give up the unique character of old tenement houses while combining it with modern elements. It’s worth keeping architectural elements that are in good condition or suitable for modernization. Box windows, floors made of stone, wood or ceramic tiles, wooden doors, cast iron radiators and original wall decorations will look good.

Plumbing elements such as copper pipes or brick walls will look great. They can be a great basis for loft style. To maintain balance, it is worth reaching for modern kitchen furniture. Those with handleless fronts or modern fronts will work best. Galeria Polskie Meble has a large selection of modern and elegant kitchen furniture in its offer.

Various types of modern household appliances and lighting elements in combination with ‘old interior’ can create a very interesting arrangement.

Scandinavian style arrangement

More and more often Scandinavian style is chosen for kitchen arrangements, including those in tenement houses. White walls and large windows will work perfectly in such interiors. Scandinavian style likes furniture with soul, so old tenements will look interesting in this style. It is worth reaching for simple furniture and accessories in pastel colors.

Industrial kitchen

Any elements in a tenement house, such as pipes or cast iron radiators, will be perfect for industrial style. For this, it is worth choosing white cabinets, black and white checkerboard flooring and appropriate details. Industrial lamps, metal cabinets and chairs will work best. In this way, you can easily get a unique character of a kitchen in a tenement, while keeping its original elements, such as brick on the walls.

The challenge – a high room

The kitchen in a tenement is most often located in an interior much higher than in modern construction. Therefore, in most cases, you have to give up the most popular solutions with standard dimensions. In a high kitchen, custom-made elements will work best. This applies especially to furniture. Cabinets reaching to the ceiling can be a challenge because in order to reach something from the highest shelves you will need additional elements, for example a ladder. However, it can be an interesting addition to the arrangement.

If you’re wondering where you can order kitchens for size Poznan is one of the cities where you can buy the perfect furniture for your kitchen in a townhouse. If you want to order closets on dimension Poznań will also be a good choice.

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