Which exterior roller shutters for the first floor should I choose?
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Which exterior roller shutters for the first floor should I choose?

Recently, first floor apartments have become increasingly popular. Some people are afraid that living on the first floor exposes them to possible theft or burglary. Therefore, when deciding to live on the lowest floor, it is worth considering external roller shutters

External roller shutters are becoming more and more popular solution also in apartments in blocks of apartments. It is a sensational solution that provides additional thermal insulation and protects the facade against fading. Many models have a remote control system, thanks to which lowering and raising the blinds takes place practically without our participation. Having the roller blinds installed we can effectively darken the apartment or make it a pleasant twilight.

First of all, external roller blinds have an anti-burglary function, so we can be more sure that our possessions are properly protected. In addition, people living on the first floor have more privacy – passersby can not look directly into their windows.

Nowadays a lot of companies offer burglar proof roller blinds sales and installation services. Before making the purchase it is worth to pay attention to several important features of this type of investment. We have prepared several valuable tips to help you make a decision on the choice of external roller blinds

What are the types of external roller shutters?

Surface mounted roller shutters

Looking for the perfect roller blinds that will meet our needs and requirements, it is worth knowing that there are several types available on the market. Usually individual models differ from each other in the way they are installed, the range of functions and the material they are made of

The most popular are surface mounted roller blinds, which are characterized by very simple installation – we place them on the wall of the block or in a window recess. The roller blind shell is made of solid aluminum, and the inspection cover is located at the front of the cassette

They can be successfully installed in the apartment at any stage, both before moving and after moving into the apartment – that is, this type of roller shutters does not need to be included in the construction plan and consulted with the manager. A big advantage is the fact that surface mounted roller shutters come in many colors, so we can easily match them to our style and aesthetics. It is worth betting on the shade, which will match the color of the facade and window frames or balcony doors

When choosing roller blinds for your apartment, pay attention to whether the armouring is filled with additional polyurethane foam inside – thanks to this, the roller blinds will have an additional function in the form of thermal insulation

Window blinds

The second quite popular option, which is chosen by those living on the lowest floors of a block of flats or detached house, are the on-window roller blinds. These are roller blinds most often made of PVC, and their armor is mounted at the back or at the bottom of the cassette. The cassette is applied directly on the window, thus it must be installed in the window recess – preferably at the stage of construction

This solution is more discreet, but it requires considerable interference in the building plan. Therefore the willingness to install this type of roller blinds often has to be reported much earlier. In older blocks of flats it is worth to think about window curtains at the time when we decide to change the window joinery.

Flush mounted roller blinds

The third type of external roller blinds are flush-mounted roller blinds, which, like surface-mounted roller blinds, are made of aluminum, but differ in the fact that the cover is mounted from below the device box. This is a solution that also has to be planned quite early in the construction process.

The cassette in this model is placed in front of the window in a suitable recess, preferably specially designed for this purpose. This is a way to improve security, which is very often used in modern buildings

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