Tablet or e-book reader? What to choose for digital reading?
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Tablet or e-book reader? What to choose for digital reading?

For bookworms, nothing can replace the paper edition. However, sometimes we have to accept the usefulness of a book in electronic form. Then the question remains – on what to display it?

With the birth of e-books, special devices were born, designed primarily to read them. Earlier, however, lightweight, multitasking devices were created that could successfully replace the reader, and in addition had a lot of other functions – tablets. Today, the cold war continues, and we, although we will not decide which solution is better, we will try to outline the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Like a book, only with e-?

From the beginning, e-book readers have sought to combine the capabilities of digital media with the convenience of reading a classic book. As a result, these devices are small, but offer numerous solutions to make reading easier and more enjoyable.

E-book reader advantages

  • device designed for reading, so the comfort of use is always in the first place;
  • small size;
  • possibility to create the impression of a “real book” with the use of appropriate covers;
  • use of technology such as e-paper, allowing reading without too much strain on the eyes;
  • ability to play all formats on one device;
  • numerous reading facilities – bookmarks, text enlargement, dictionaries, screen brightness selection, text orientation change..
  • usually hold an entire library of books;
  • long battery life.

Disadvantages of e-book readers

  • another electrical device that we take with us on the road;
  • limited usability – most e-book readers are equipped with simple games, a clock or the possibility to connect to the Internet via wi-fi, but that’s about the end of their capabilities;
  • limited display possibilities – screens of basic models are monochromatic, in order to display color you need to buy another, usually more expensive model.

Small computer? A large cell phone?

A tablet is a device that combines the features of a small computer and a touch-screen phone. The device is lighter than a laptop and larger than a smartphone, so it does not burden our luggage so much, while offering a convenient display. It can be equipped with applications that allow it to transform even into an e-book reader.

Advantages of a tablet

  • multifunctionality – with appropriate equipment a tablet can serve as a phone and a laptop at the same time;
  • capacity – usually, in addition to internal memory, it has the ability to install an external memory card;
  • color display screen
  • ability to play different multimedia;
  • the ability to connect to the Internet via wifi or an appropriate module;
  • virtually unlimited ability to customize the functions – everything depends on the installed software and applications;

Disadvantages of a tablet

  • price – newer models cost as much as good laptops;
  • the need for customization – a tablet usually has a basic set of applications built-in, more advanced versions (or those to which we are accustomed) we have to install ourselves;
  • format dependency – tablet reader applications are not always able to play all e-book file formats, and often the format is not adapted to display on the tablet;
  • limited text manipulation capabilities – depends on the capabilities of the installed application;
  • size – the weight of a tablet is higher than that of a reader, although it is still lighter than a laptop;
  • run time – tablet batteries typically last about three days of heavy use.

The choice depends on..

Regardless of the objective advantages and disadvantages, the choice of the device on which we will read depends solely on our preferences and needs

Are we looking for a lightweight, undersized device in which we can take our library of several thousand, because we don’t know how many books we will finish on the road? An e-reader would be better. Need something that will serve as a reader, a portable office and a mobile entertainment center at the same time? We choose a tablet.

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