Air ionizer – how does it work and what does it do?
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Air ionizer – how does it work and what does it do?

Air ionizer is a device that is increasingly common in Polish homes – it effectively removes dust, mites, reduces bacteria and viruses. How does an air ionizer work and what is worth knowing about it?

How does an air ionizer work? Benefits of air ionization

Before we present the benefits of having an air ionizer in your home or apartment, it is worth explaining how this very popular device in recent years works. The ionizer generates negative oxygen ions, and it can do this in two ways – using high voltage or free electrons from heated metal (called thermoemission). Thermoemission ionizers are more popular and are more often recommended by experts because of their lack of ozone and nitrogen oxide emissions.

As you know, there are electric charges in the air – negative, positive ions. Unfortunately, positive ions attract pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, nuisance allergens), which has an impact on our health. When the concentration of positive ions is too high, we can observe ourselves:

  • lower mood,
  • problems with sleep,
  • lowered immunity,
  • poorer concentration,
  • greater susceptibility to allergies,
  • dry throat,
  • runny nose and cough.

Thus,by negatively ionizing the air, we reduce the risk of contracting various infections and allergies. This is not the end of the advantages of the device. Ionizer has a positive effect on blood pressure regulation, relieves stress, relaxes, improves productivity, minimizes the chances of contracting various diseases of civilization.

Many people do not realize that the excess of positive ions in the air (called by some as the electrosmog) can be responsible for electrical devices that we use every day, such as computer, television

The ionizer produces negative ions, restoring the ionic balance in the air. This equipment works very quietly, so it will not disturb the rest of your household, requires virtually no maintenance and is easy to keep clean. Breathing ionized air is pleasant, we can compare it to the fresh and refreshing air just after a storm, which is considered a natural ionizer. Why? Because negative ions are created, for example, when lightning shoots or waves beat against rocks (when high energy acts on a particle).

Who should equip themselves with an air ionizer?

This device will increase the comfort of life for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people who frequently suffer from upper respiratory tract infections. Consumers who spend many hours in front of a computer screen should also consider investing in an ionizer, because this gadget of a health-promoting action eliminates the negative impact of radiation emitted by electronic devices. Ionizer is also worth placing in the children’s room, it will reduce pathogens and provide the toddler a peaceful sleep. Air ionizer will be useful not only at home, but also in public places such as medical and educational institutions

How much does an air ionizer cost?

The cheapest models can be found for about 50-100 PLN, but if we care about a durable and functional equipment, it is worth to aim at slightly more expensive devices in the price range of 150-400 PLN. This is not a large expense in the household budget, taking into account the benefits of ionizing the air. Cheaper models have only an on and off switch, while more expensive ones often include a timer, an indicator light, and a backlight option.

To sum up, is it worth buying an ionizer? Absolutely yes! After all, the quality of the air we breathe depends on our well-being and health. An air ionizer is a practical device which restores the favorable balance of ions. Even better is an air purifier with HEPA filters equipped with an ionizer function – this professional filtering equipment removes up to 99,97% of contaminants.

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