Practical motorcycle accessories
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Practical motorcycle accessories

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Manufacturers of accessories for motorcyclists offer items that no owner of a unicycle can do without. Useful and practical motorcycle accessories make riding and motorcycle comfort easier. We present the most necessary accessories for a motorcycle.

Lighter socket

A must have for anyone who likes to travel further on a motorcycle. The lighter socket will allow you to charge your smartphone, but not only. You can charge with it a GPS navigation system or other items which often turn out to be necessary while being away from home. So it is worth buying a socket to avoid unpleasant surprises when we are in the field and we will not have access to electricity. Lighter sockets, but also other useful motorcycle accessories, can be purchased at

Phone holder

This accessory may come in handy especially on a long distance trip. A smartphone mounted on the holder will allow you to safely make a phone call, but also glance at the navigation running on it. This is especially useful in case of a destination to which we are led by several roads.


This is the number one accessory for every motorcyclist, regardless of whether he prefers to ride alone or in a group. It is a Bluetooth device which allows you to communicate with others while riding together, but also to listen to music or, importantly, navigation messages. This gadget is indispensable even for those who prefer to ride in silence. In such a situation it is enough to turn it off, but if necessary, you can turn it on with one click and communicate with someone or listen to traffic messages. The intercom will work perfectly in tandem with the aforementioned phone holder.

Brake disc lock

This is designed to protect your motorcycle from theft. Some models have very loud alarms that are sure to effectively deter a thief. The locks have a sensor, thanks to which even a slight leaning of the motorcycle or movement of the handlebars will activate the alarm. It is a necessary accessory, no matter where the bike is stored. It will protect you from losing your beloved vehicle.


This is another way to protect your motorcycle against possible theft. The chain is fastened behind the rear wheel to some fixed element, such as a pole. If you have your own parking space, it is worth equipping it with a special anchor screwed directly into concrete. The chain is attached to the anchor by pulling it through the rear rim of the motorcycle. This greatly increases the security of the vehicle. The chain should be used in combination with a brake disc lock. This ensures that the motorcycle is sufficiently protected.

In addition, the motorcycle can be covered with a special cover. It is fastened under the motorcycle, thanks to which it does not slip off during standstill, even in the wind. So it is a protection against both potential thieves and bad weather conditions.

Motorcycle clothing

It would seem that this is the simplest part of a motorcyclist’s equipment, but it is certainly worth mentioning. We shouldn’t get on a motorcycle without wearing the right clothing. This applies to both cold days and warmer ones. The basis is, of course, a helmet. It is better not to save on it, because it may save lives in a possible accident. The helmet should be well chosen, it can neither press ears and head, nor be too loose. Then it will adequately protect the head.

In addition to the helmet, every motorcyclist should also equip himself with a jacket, pants and gloves.

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