Decorative radiators in the bathroom
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Decorative radiators in the bathroom

Design radiators combine practical (heating) and aesthetic functions. Which aspects to look out for when buying a designer radiator for your bathroom? Which models fit in with the current trends?

How do I choose a designer radiator for my bathroom?

A bathroom radiator can not only provide us with thermal comfort while bathing or performing various beauty treatments, but it can also be a decoration of the interior. Today, manufacturers of heat exchangers offer us a very wide selection of radiators in various fancy shapes, bold colors and styles

In order not to regret the investment made (because there is no denying that decorative radiators are more expensive than standard models), you should pay attention to the following issues:

  • heating power – the estimated power that the radiator should have is selected by the seller based on the cubic capacity, the area of the bathroom, the type of heating installation and the state of insulation of the building. This is a very important parameter which must not be underestimated, otherwise the heater will not work effectively. For example, if we have underfloor heating in the room, we can buy a radiator with less power, because it will not be the only source of heat,
  • the method of power supply – the most popular are the decorative water radiators, we can also buy electric models and water-electric hybrids,
  • shape – depending on your needs you can choose a vertical, horizontal, curved or corner radiator. Many people are guided by practical considerations and choose vertical models, then you can conveniently dry wet towels on them,
  • material of construction – manufacturers offer us decorative radiators made of steel, aluminum, glass or copper,
  • finish – depending on our taste it can be metallic, matt, satin or chrome,
  • color – we can choose the color of the radiator on the basis of contrast with the decor of the bathroom, so that it was a strong point of the room or decide on a model in one of the leading colors in the interior. Interior architects often recommend radiators a tone darker or lighter than the color of the tiles, or corresponding to the fittings. It is worth knowing that if you want to choose an individual color of decorative radiator, probably we will have to pay extra for this option (eg, 50-70% of the basic price). Some manufacturers offer as a standard, for example, only white radiators, and others a range of colors divided into specific price groups.

You should be aware that if you can buy a regular radiator immediately, the decorative models are usually associated with a longer waiting time (usually a few weeks). How much does a designer radiator cost? The price range for this type of radiator is really big. For example a mirror finished model costs between 2000 and 3000 PLN. On the other hand, designer glass radiators can cost as much as 6000-7000 zloty. For comparison, the cheapest bathroom radiators available in supermarkets can be found for 200-300 PLN

The most fashionable designer radiators – check out the current trends!

Some designer radiators have such unusual shapes that at first glance it is hard to believe that they are one of the elements of the central heating system, and not a beautiful sculpture, painting or mirror. What radiators are currently in fashion? Very popular among lovers of designer solutions are modern radiators with geometric shapes – especially imitating a torn honeycomb. An interesting solution, which is chosen by some customers, are radiators with a cover of tempered glass, for which you can choose a personalized graphic or photo.

In conclusion, we hope that thanks to our advice you will buy a decorative radiator, which will not only provide heat when using the bathroom, but also looks beautiful, complementing the arrangement of the room.

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