How do you screen yourself from a neighbor in a block of flats?
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How do you screen yourself from a neighbor in a block of flats?

Now, in the age of the coronavirus, balconies have become a space where we spend a lot more time than we used to. What can be done to make them more intimate and screened from neighbors?

Enclosed units, malls and service facilities, and on top of that, remote working have meant that we’ve had to adapt our interiors a bit more to make the time we spend in them more enjoyable and functional. The same applies to balconies, where we like to relax more and more. Therefore, it is important that they were more intimate, and the neighbor did not look at us through the railings. So how to cover up, so that it does not look kitschy?

High fence also on the balcony

In the past, high, wooden fences separated only large properties. It turns out that such a span will also work well on the balcony. As a rule, one is enough. Today there are so many interesting patterns that such a balcony fence can look really interesting. To not seem overwhelming, you should plant some climbing plants or hang them in pots.

The best solution will be light wood spans, which optically add to the space. Dark ones may be too heavy and give the impression of being cramped. Hang some plants, lanterns or other decorations on them.

Green mats in rolls

Very popular nowadays are green mats in rolls, which can be bought in any major garden store. Simply unroll the mat along the railing and fasten it with wire or special clamps. Then our balcony will gain color, will be greener and thus more friendly to the eye. The mats can have different heights – from 120 cm to even 2 meters. Their price is also quite attractive, because for a roll about 3 meters long we will pay less than 100 zloty.

Straw, bamboo mats

Straw mats are also a cool, cheap and popular idea for covering your balcony from the prying eyes of your neighbors. They too are sold in rolls and easy to attach to railings. They look very nice when you place flower pots by them or attach ivy (even artificial)

Fabric curtain

If we care about creating a truly magical balcony it’s worth considering a fabric curtain. Nothing will add so much lightness and unique, cozy atmosphere to our space as flowing, bright fabric. The best will be whites, beiges or grays

But remember that the fabric placed on the balcony should be mildew-resistant and easy to clean. It should also not fade when exposed to sunlight. So it is worth investing in slightly better quality ones, which will delight their appearance for many years.

A plant cover that will delight

A cover made of plants will look beautiful. Just choose vines and place them along the whole length of the wall (you will need wooden ladders or wires). Additionally, by the railing separating us from the neighbor, you can place large potted flowers. It’s also worth to think about colorful flowering plants that will enliven our balcony and will be its beautiful decoration. However, such a wall must be properly cared for and watered, then it will delight for a long time.

Macramé and lanterns

Currently the hit is the arrangement of balconies in boho style. If this style appeals to us as well, we can use macramé to separate ourselves from the neighbors, which will be hung on the railings and near the ceiling. You can also hang potted plants, which will be an additional cover. It is also worth hanging delicate lamps or lanterns, e.g. made of jars, which not only look interesting, but also add intimacy to the space

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