Interior design mistakes that are easy to make
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Interior design mistakes that are easy to make

Interior design mistakes are not only made in your first apartment. Many people copy them, moving from place to place – and worst of all, do not realize the problem

Every room in the house has a specific function – so it has to be useful, arranged in a way that suits its tasks. However, it is good that each room is arranged with taste. When combining functionality and aesthetics in arrangements, it is often possible to go too far in one direction – and this results in basic errors. Check what to avoid when decorating the interior!

1. Too many accessories

Figurines, boxes, photos, trinkets… All these things can be found in every home – and that’s good, because they usually have sentimental value. But remember that too many extras not only make the space look smaller but also seem chaotic. A lot of small things on shelves also makes cleaning difficult and leads to more dust. Definitely not recommended for allergy sufferers!

2. Optical reduction of space

Dark walls in a small apartment, too few light sources, no mirrors. All this results in optical reduction of space. If you live in a large house, which does not seem cozy, you can use tricks to reduce the space – such as painting opposite walls in strong colors. Usually, however, the problem is the opposite – there is simply not enough space. So it is worth checking out how to optically lengthen and widen the room, before you proceed to the final decoration of the apartment

3. Temporary solutions

In every house there will be a solution “just for a while”. It may be a piece of household appliance sealed with adhesive tape or a bulb hanging alone without a lampshade. When decorating your home, try to avoid temporary solutions, because they usually remain for years – after the renovation there is never enough time, you can do it later, etc. If you do something, do it properly!

4. Not enough light

Too few light sources is a common problem. If the windows in your house are situated to the north, try to illuminate the interiors with lamps of appropriate color. Remember that the most light is needed in work places – in your home office or at the desk in the children’s room. This will help to reduce the risk of eye diseases during long hours spent reading documents written in small letters.

5. From the catalog to the living room

You enter your friend’s apartment … and there is your living room. This is how you end up copying arrangements from interior design magazines or Instagram. A frequently mentioned interior design mistake is also buying furniture from Ikea, as it is repeated in many homes. However, Ikea furniture is the essence of minimalism. There is nothing wrong with having them, as long as the entire room arrangement remains creative, not restorative

6. Lack of functionality

Interiors are meant to be functional first and foremost! In the frenzy of decorating an apartment or house, aesthetics are often put above utility. This is a significant mistake, as an apartment is supposed to be used mainly for living, not admiring. You are the one who knows best what you need, in which armchairs you are comfortable and how big a mirror in the bathroom you need. Don’t ignore your needs at the expense of following fashion.

7. Lack of style consistency

Boho in the living room, industrialism in the kitchen, and shabby chic in the bathroom. This is how apartments look like, where the owners have not thought at the beginning, in what style they want to decorate their interiors. This is a key question, because inconsistent arrangement of different rooms – or worse, the same room – causes the effect of disorder and chaos.

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