What kind of carpet suits a small living room?
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What kind of carpet suits a small living room?

Rugs have been enduringly popular for years. Which one will work well in a small living room?

Many people can not imagine a house or apartment without a carpet. Large, small, round, with long pile or short. There are plenty of possibilities, so you can easily match it to the interior. In addition to selecting a carpet to match the decor, you should pay attention to the size of the room.

Small living room – small carpet

A huge carpet in a small living room can make the room look very overwhelming. Therefore, a better solution will be a small rug, or even two, located in different places, if you do not like to walk on panels or tiles.

Color is important

There is one basic rule – in small rooms we avoid dark colors, because they optically make them smaller. And this also applies to the living room. Therefore, the carpet that we choose for a small living room must be in light colors, which make it seem that there is more space than in reality. So a good idea in a small living room will be carpets in shades of white, beige, gray and pastel colors.

The best will be a delicate pattern

Expressive, large patterns will also not work well in a small living room. They can introduce chaos in the interior. The best solution will be a uniform carpet, but if it should already have a pattern, it should be subtle and delicate. The ideal solution is a carpet in shades such as coffee with milk with thin lines.

Opt for fine shapes

A small living room gives a lot of limitations when it comes to a carpet. Therefore, you can bet on one with a rather unusual shape. In addition to the typical squares, rectangles and circles, there are also carpets with irregular shapes and those resembling a four-leaf clover, for example. 

How about an openwork carpet?

Carpets made of macramé, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. Although it would seem to be mainly a wall decoration, it turns out that it will also work well on the floor. Made of braided cord, the carpet looks light and interesting, so it will fit perfectly in a small room.

What else is worth keeping in mind?

When buying a rug for the living room, consider its distance from the entrance. Pay attention to whether the door will not snag on it, which will make it very difficult to open and close.

In addition, the carpet should not only have a decorative function, but also connect the various elements of the interior. Therefore, it must harmonize with the sofa, armchair, pouffe or coffee table. Therefore, it should be located near these elements, so that the final interior looks cohesive.

main photo: unsplash.com/Katja Rooke

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