How to highlight a ceramics collection?
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How to highlight a ceramics collection?

A ceramics collection is more than everyday tableware. It means a lot to its owner, but also can please the eyes of guests. How to expose it so that it fits well in the apartment? We present some reliable ways.

Review and prepare the collection

To begin with, it is a good idea to review our collection once again. Perhaps in the process you will notice that some of your pieces need renovation. You can divide your ceramics into groups, depending on color, style or value. It will be easier for you to arrange it later in specific places and to plan the whole process. If you like to have everything carefully organized, it’s a good idea to make a preliminary design of the arrangement on paper or in a graphics program. Remember that you can use other elements of the stucco, rethink the geometric arrangement and use a game of contrast.

Hang ceramics on the wall

Sometimes our collection is a real work of art. It can depict beautiful, eye-pleasing mansions and picturesque bouquets. So why treat it differently from paintings? Ceramics can also be hung on the wall. There are many ways to do it. Remember that next to a collection placed in this way, no one will pass indifferently, so you should plan in advance its placement on the wall. You also need to consider the color matching of the ceramics to your wall. 

Once you manage to do this, you will probably ask yourself – how to place it? One of the most popular ways is to use spring-loaded handles, metal or plastic, of the right size and color. A less secure, but cheaper option is to buy self-adhesive mounts. Alternatively, you can also use hooks attached with hot glue. Note that this is a quick but risky way.

Keep in the showcase

Often you can find ceramics enclosed in a display case. A collection stored in this way does not require frequent wiping. This is important, as it minimizes the possibility of violating valuable decorations. If you like a more extravagant decor, you can use an art déco style display case. A fan of simplicity will easily find a minimalist design. A retro lover is sure to reach for a serviette known from the People’s Republic of Poland. It’s worth buying special stands to place your collection vertically. Here, too, you can use many options. There are gold-plated, silver and wooden displays, characterized by simple finishes or more sophisticated ones.

Shelf arrangement

It is a good idea to prepare a dedicated shelf. You can paint it in the colors of your choice, and decorate it with a tablecloth or other accessories. If you like floral arrangements, an interesting option is to select several flowers for the shelf. When decorating, you are limited only by your imagination. Properly planned, it will go well with a minimalist, as well as rustic, vintage style. Nothing prevents you from also using an old bookcase or sideboard. Such an antique is an interesting element of home decor, and complementing it with fine ceramics will add even more character.

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