Vacationing with a dog and a cat – what can come in handy?
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Vacationing with a dog and a cat – what can come in handy?

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A vacation with your pet always involves the need for adequate preparation. But what specifically to take and prepare both yourself and your pet for such a trip? We suggest what can be useful.

Vacationing with your dog or cat can be a very pleasant and interesting experience, but it is worth preparing for it properly. Find out what you should take with you and how to prepare your pet for the journey so that the vacation is also a pleasure for him.

Prepare your pet before travelling

It is important to start preparing your pet several days before departure. Check well in advance that all his vaccinations are up to date so that you can vaccinate him in time if necessary. It is also worth going to a groomer to shorten your pet’s coat a bit. This is especially important if you are going to hot and humid places, because then it will be cooler for your pet, and also if you are planning to go camping, because it will be much easier to catch ticks.

It’s also a good idea to check the place you’re going before you travel. Not every hotel or resort is willing to welcome pets, so it’s better to check this well in advance. You should also look around for restaurants and various attractions on site that allow you to enter with your pet

What to pack in the bag?

It is also very important to pack a bag for your dog or cat thoughtfully. So what should you take with you on vacation with your pet? First of all, you will need the food your pet eats on a daily basis as well as its favourite bowl, a supply of water, a bed and blanket, poop bags if you are travelling with your dog or a litter tray and litter for your cat, a leash and harness, several favourite toys as well as parasite protection and other medication your pet takes. If you are going on vacation in the winter or fall, be sure to also bring your dog’s winter clothing and possibly paw pads. If necessary, you should also bring the health booklet with you.

Necessary formalities

If you are going on vacation within Germany, there are no formalities that you have to go through. It gets a bit more complicated if you want to go abroad with your pet. In this case you will need a passport for your pet. Your dog or cat must also have a valid rabies vaccination certificate and an identification chip or tattoo

In addition, a special permit from the Agriculture Office is required for a dog under three months old. You can find detailed information about crossing borders with your dog by calling or browsing embassy websites.

What else should I keep in mind before traveling with my pet?

In order to fully enjoy your vacation with your pet, there are a few more important things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure to give your pet drops or put on a special collar to protect it from parasites and ticks

Also, always check your pet’s coat after returning from a walk, especially one in the woods. If you find a tick on your pet, contact your veterinarian immediately, especially if your pet exhibits symptoms such as unusual barking or meowing, paw dragging, excessive panting or vomiting.

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