Car service after summer – what should you check?
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Car service after summer – what should you check?

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Regular servicing of your car is extremely important. This allows for a general inspection and evaluation of the condition of the car and for timely notice and elimination of defects. What should be checked in the car during servicing after the summer season?

Servicing your car is very important and to keep it running smoothly, you should do it regularly. Remember also that if you return the car to a garage other than the ASO, it is worth telling the mechanic what specifically you want to check. We suggest what elements in the car should be checked when servicing the car after the summer season.

Checking the timing drive

When going to a mechanic, it is worth having the timing drive inspected. Remember, however, that sometimes the periodic replacement of the timing belt and other related parts may not be enough. This applies mainly to chain drives, as the chain of modern engines tends to stretch, so it is worth checking whether it is already too long. Irregularities in the timing drive area always threaten to damage the engine, so it is best to check it every two-three engine oil changes, which in practice means the mileage of 30-60 thousand km

Replacing the accessory drive

The engine accessory drive system is quite similar to the timing belt, so it is often overlooked when servicing the car. Unjustifiably so, as it is an area that is quite heavily loaded and therefore sensitive. It is therefore good practice to replace the accessory drive each time the timing drive is replaced. It is also worth remembering that the engine’s accessory drive is particularly susceptible to damage in cars that have a diesel engine. If the accessory belt is neglected, there may be a risk of minor devastation in the engine compartment, but in the worst cases it can even end in serious damage to the drive unit.

Changing tires

Replacing tires after the summer season is extremely important. After the summer season it gets colder outside, so in order to drive safely, the first thing you need to do is prepare your car for the colder period. It is therefore necessary to replace the summer tires with winter ones. All-season tires are also a good solution, but they do not work in the case of exceptional snow drifts and heavy ice on the road, which in Poland happens very rarely. When looking for tires for your car, be sure to visit an online tire store.

Checking the hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids should be checked twice a year, also after the summer season. This includes both power steering fluid and brake fluid. This periodic check of the brake fluid should include a check of its hygroscopicity. When it comes to replacing both fluids, it should be done every two years. Neglecting this area can cause overheating or even seizing of the pump, as well as softness of the brake pedal, and thus a slight decrease in braking power.

Coolant check

In the autumn period it is also worth checking the coolant, and more specifically its freezing point. If it is found to be too low, it should be replaced. What is the risk of neglect? First of all, freezing of the fluid and contamination of the cooling system. So remember that in addition to the post-season check, it is necessary to replace the fluid at least every 3 years.

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