Choosing a canopy for balcony in block of flats
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Choosing a canopy for balcony in block of flats

Looking for the perfect canopy for your balcony in a block of flats? Check out the options and choose the best one just for you

Canopy for balcony in the block – why is it worth it?

Balcony in the apartment plays a very important role – fills the lack we feel, not having a garden. Fortunately, a piece of your own space on the balcony can make up for it. There’s nothing like a coffee on your own balcony on a summer morning! In the evening, it’s also great for relaxing in peace. Such a vision is tempting, isn’t it?

So it’s worth taking care of the right roofing to be able to enjoy your balcony to the fullest. This guarantees protection from the weather and comfort every day. A secluded covered balcony can be a real oasis – even when you live in the city center.

Covering your balcony with an awning

Do you want to bet on a solution that is often chosen, and therefore proven by many people? Great – covering your balcony with an awning is probably the perfect option for you. It presents itself very elegantly, and in addition is practical. The choice of awnings is wide, so you can match the material both for a large terrace and a small balcony

Perfect protection from the sun and rain – you can count on it, reaching for a balcony roofing awning. Interestingly, modern models have a built-in sensor, thanks to which they retract when gusts of wind are too strong. There is also an option with a sunlight sensor – the cover will retract when it gets hot on the balcony.

So you can choose from two types of awnings: manual crank operated or electric. The second option is of course much more convenient. When it comes to the color of the awning, you can choose between single-colour, monochrome or decorated with various patterns.

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A wooden balcony canopy – what do you think?

Wooden balcony roofingis rarely chosen in the case of blocks of flats. Rather, the owners of detached houses opt for such solutions. However, it is not impossible. Balcony roofing is usually made of pine or spruce wood. Prepare impregnated and painted pieces of wood of the appropriate size and shape. You will also need a screwdriver

Umbrella for the balcony – one option

For many people, the garden umbrella is a versatile and proven option for covering the balcony. This option works great especially for small balconies. The adjustable base of the umbrella is a big plus, because you can freely change the angle of inclination to protect yourself from the sun or wind.

In case of very small space a one-sided balcony umbrella seems to be a good solution. On the other hand, owners of very large balconies like to choose the one on an extension arm. The advantage of such model is a convenient crank, thanks to which you can quickly open and close the umbrella. Another proposal is a square umbrella.

As you can see, there are plenty of options. It resembles a garden gazebo, so choosing such a canopy will help you create a pleasant, intimate atmosphere on your patio.

Material curtains – beautiful and romantic!

Do you love the boho style and want to apply a light canopy to your balcony? We’ve got a great option for you – fabric curtains. This option lets you create a balcony that’s a pleasure to be on at any time of day. And we’ve got to admit, it’s really insta-friendly! You will feel like a celebrity on your own balcony.

Plexiglas balcony canopy

This proposal is very popular. Plexiglass balcony canopy – you have certainly seen it at least once. Acrylic glass is distinguished by high daylight transmittance, which makes it an ideal proposal for a balcony cover. At the same time, the material is resistant to sunlight and is not subject to yellowing. Excellent resistance to various weather conditions is another plus.

As you can see, choosing a canopy for your balcony is not such a simple matter, because there are really a lot of options. Surely you can choose one for yourself!

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