Scandi boho – the style that is winning hearts on Instagram
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Scandi boho – the style that is winning hearts on Instagram

Scandinavian style has reigned in interior design trends for a long time. It is minimalistic, but without the coldness and austerity of for example loft style. A few seasons ago an interesting combination of coziness and simplicity, called scandi boho, became fashionable

Scandi boho reigns on Instagram because it is a style that combines everything you need for happiness. It is quite simple and minimalistic, but without being overly cool. It focuses on harmony and connection with nature, and linen, wood and rattan elements are its basis. If you are a fan of interiors with classic colors, full of interesting accessories and distinctive character, you will definitely like scandi boho

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is the quintessential northern vision of aesthetics – functional simplicity. Scandinavian style focuses on emphasizing harmony, cohesion. Often appear in it elements of natural wood – light or whitewashed. The color palette itself in Scandi is very simple, focused on whites, grays and beiges.

Although in Scandinavian style you will not see many accessories, it is not as harsh and cold as it may seem. Living rooms and bedrooms feature cozy touches such as thick-woven blankets, fluffy pillows and soft rugs

Scandinavian style creates interiors whose greatest charm is their modest arrangement and simplicity. The northern charm is visible in the cohesive compositions, which are to be beautiful and functional at the same time.

Boho style

Boho is an artistic craze that emerged in the interior design market back in the 1960s. The style appeared in living rooms together with hippies, who were fascinated not only with freedom, but also with foreign cultures

Boho style is a way of expressing aesthetics, which is manifested mainly in the love of nature. In boho interiors appear wood, rattan, linen, as well as live potted flowers. The main role is played by earthy colors – warm shades of browns and beiges, which bring to mind the African wilderness

And not without reason! Boho also focuses on ethnic references to other cultures. There are travel souvenirs and elements associated with distant countries. Boho space is supposed to be maximally focused on the householder, it is unique and very personal. It is full of photographs, sentimental accessories, as well as artistic expressions. Interiors in boho style invite you to a moment of relaxation, they are cozy and comfortable, full of matching hammocks, chairs, pillows, footstools, etc.

What is the result of the combination? Scandi boho in a nutshell

It would seem that Scandinavian coolness and the elusive lightness of boho would never find common ground, right? And yet!

Scandi and boho meet on 3 levels – worship of nature, coziness and subdued color palette. In interiors arranged in scandi boho style, you will most often find whites and grays, whose severity is warmed up with accessories

These are usually – how else – natural. Rattan armchairs, wicker lampshades, wooden tabletops, stone wall fragments, ceramic vases. In fact, everything is allowed in scandi boho! Remember, however, that this variety of boho is combined with Scandinavian simplicity – so you can not overdo with accessories that are not functional in nature.

Grays and whites are also warmed by plants. The most frequently chosen is the monstera, an emblem of urban jungle. Plants can stand on windowsills, shelves, the floor, as well as hang in vases suspended from the ceiling

Scandi boho also appreciates strings and tassels – as befits boho. There appear cloud catchers, macramé, comfortable hammocks, as well as tied lamps and canopies. All this makes the interiors seem light and cozy, but without unnecessary chaos and glamour.

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