How to distinguish a house on a housing estate?
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How to distinguish a house on a housing estate?

When we live in a housing estate, where almost all houses look the same, sometimes we just want to stand out. It is a good idea to have a good deal of time and money in order to be able to make your house stand out from the rest of the crowd. Fashion is actually based on this foundation. But what to do when we want to spice up our home? Here are some ideas that will help you! 

Original design 

The process of making our house stand out can begin at the design stage. Choosing an appropriate architect or designer who will meet our expectations and diversify the project with his ideas is a good option that will make it easier for us. Of course, there are elements with which we will not be able to go crazy. Choosing the style, you can bet, for example, on a modern, geometric form with a lot of metal and glass. You can also go in an idyllic climate and build a wooden house in Provence style. However, there are elements during the choice of which we have complete freedom, such as the choice of roofing, which may not be an obvious choice. 

Get inspired abroad

Trips abroad and fascination with certain regions are a perfect background for how we can make our home stand out from others. Being in Greece or Italy, for example, we can fall in love with the look of wooden exterior shutters, which accentuate the charm of the house in an amazing way. If you have a white facade and opt for dark blue shutters, at first glance your house will bring to mind Greek vacations, the sound of the sea and narrow streets. Each, even the smallest element of house or garden arrangement will distinguish us from dozens of others. 

Door to another world

Another good patent to distinguish our house in the crowd of others can be a choice of unusual front door, which are our business card. Currently on the market there are many options ranging from glazed, through double doors to those covered with an unusual color. Choose your favorite and you will find that you will be remembered. 


Probably we will not surprise anyone, saying that the element, which in a simple way will allow our house to stand out against the background of the entire estate will be a beautiful garden. Also here you can let your imagination run wild. Of course we realize that not everyone has the time and skills to take care of it. However, sometimes it is enough, for example, to shape bushes in an unusual way or place ivy or wild vine on the facade of the building. It is also a good idea to plant new species of trees, shrubs or flowers. Some of them may require importing from abroad and special care, but in most cases the effects are worth it. 

Walls different from the rest

When we want to distinguish our house from others, we can also go crazy with the elevation. And we don’t just mean painting it a crazy color, although that can be one way. During the works, you can, for example, combine wood, glass, metal or stone. And if you like art and you have a favorite artist, you can ask to put elements of his paintings on the facade. You may also decide to put, for example, a mural on one of the walls, although this is definitely an option for the really brave ones. 

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