How to arrange the hallway to make it functional?
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How to arrange the hallway to make it functional?

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Comfortable, tasteful and above all functional – this is how the hallway should look like. This is where we begin to unveil the interior, welcoming guests or picking up a parcel from the courier. Guarantee yourself the best first impression and arrange this space with attention to every detail. We suggest how to arrange the hallway in order to proudly open the door to your apartment.

The hallway is usually narrow and dark, which makes it difficult to arrange. But do not be discouraged and treat it as a challenge – after all, this room is the introduction to the decor of the entire house, which in a few seconds outlines the character and taste of all household members. So it must be neat and aesthetic – so that its appearance will be appreciated even by the most picky guests.

Well-chosen furniture

At the very beginning, consider the possibilities of your home and where you will place the necessary furniture. Spacious closets for the hall with a mirror should be located as close as possible to the door, so that you can use them comfortably. The ideal solution is a custom-made piece of furniture, which will not waste even a scrap of space and will provide additional space for seasonal clothes. If the size of the interior does not allow you to install a closet, choose hooks with a shelf and hide all the clothes that you do not use at the moment, for example in the bedroom.

But don’t give up on a shoe cabinet – high heels, boots or sandals scattered on the floor make a mess, so they shouldn’t be in plain sight. You can buy a narrow and elongated piece of furniture which, placed against the wall, will not block the passage and, additionally, equipped with a seat, will make it easier for you to get ready every day. You will also need a small cabinet for accessories, such as keys, sunglasses or a shoe care kit. You can find more furniture in the MKS Meble store.

Area for special tasks

It should be said that an equally important element affecting the functionality of a hallway is the flooring. Due to changing seasons and weather conditions outside the window, it is not uncommon for us to carry dirt from outside into the house. Just think of last year’s winter season (which was mainly rich in rain and mud), with all that daily cleaning and mopping of the floor. To save you from this, we suggest choosing a waterproof floor. Panels reminiscent of natural stone and wood are sure to pique the interest of all your visitors, but you won’t have to worry about the durability of your floor.

Lighting for ambience

Hallways are generally not exposed to direct sunlight, so artificial lighting plays a very important role in them. In small interiors one source of light (for example, in the form of a halogen lamp) is enough. However, in the elongated hall it is definitely better to choose ceiling spotlights to be installed in strategic places (e.g. over the mirror, the seat and near the door). On the other hand, in high rooms, wall sconces are ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Sophisticated character

Enrich the decor of the anteroom with decorations, which will help to optically widen and illuminate the space. An interesting, three-dimensional wall mural will enliven the arrangement and add depth to it. On the other hand, a mirror hanging on the wall will allow you not only to check the state of your clothes before leaving home, but also optically enlarge the space.

When planning your arrangement, pay special attention to the place that appears to guests at the moment of opening the front door. It is worth to present in this space the most beautiful photos from vacations or a unique, old grandmother’s sideboard, in which candles with a beautiful fragrance will burn.

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