How to arrange a small balcony? We inspire
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How to arrange a small balcony? We inspire

Do you have a small balcony and no idea how to arrange it? Believe that such an area also gives great opportunities for decorative solutions. Learn a few tricks to decorate it.

Spring is in full swing and that means it’s high time to do some “post-winter” cleaning on your balcony. Through the cold months this place has become a storage space? Then it’s time to change that and give it some life, a bit of refreshment and greenery by placing plants there. Check out our simple ideas for revamping a small balcony to make it your relaxing corner after a hard day’s work, for example.

A small balcony can become an oasis of calm

A small balcony can become an oasis of calm after a hard day’s work. To do this you need imagination and above all willingness.

Where should you start? Of course, from cleaning. If you have a lot of unnecessary things on your balcony after the winter, remove them and you’ll immediately see how much space you have at your disposal. Ideally, you should remove everything that’s currently on your balcony so that you can thoroughly clean every nook and cranny.

Make a small balcony functional

Make sure that your balcony becomes a functional space despite its small size. You can easily get inspiration from interior design forums or magazines of this type, of which there are quite a few on the market. Think about what kind of furniture you like and whether it would be suitable for a small balcony. Certainly, those in light shades, made of panels, foldable will work well, as they can serve multiple functions.

You can make a table and chairs out of light wooden planks and then paint them white. It will also be nice to have a light composite board, which can be laid on the floor, which will make the whole room optically larger. Recently popular (especially when arranging small balcony areas) in Scandinavian style. Why? Because this style in the interiors is characterized by the use of warm colors that work well together.

Bet on the consistency of accessories

Remember to choose one style of arrangement, because if you start to mix e.g. furniture texture, colors, and also put there a lot of trinkets, you will certainly get the opposite effect. The balcony space should be functional and not become a junk room

Focus on making sure all the accessories go together. Textiles should be in a similar style. For example, chair seats, blankets and cushions should match each other. They do not necessarily have to be in the same shade, the most important thing is that the colors are not strongly opposing, and do not clash with each other

To the furniture set of rest you can confidently choose soft pouffes, because the hammock space may unfortunately be too little, it will be better to use a hanging seat, fashionable in recent seasons. Currently very popular are balcony accessories made of soft material, a bit in boho style, the so-called macramé. They will certainly add charm to the balcony space, and also do not take up too much space, because you can hang them, for example, on the wall or railing.

Greenery on a small balcony – back to nature – YES!

Time spent among greenery calms and soothes after a hard day. So once you’ve redecorated your balcony after the winter, after light furniture and beautiful accessories have appeared on it, it’s high time to think about plants

On a small balcony space a plant wall composition will look very good. An interesting arrangement idea is to plant flowers in pockets of mats or the previously mentioned macramé, or in pots placed on shelves and windowsills. When we have little space, it is better not to put pots with flowers on the floor. In gardening or interior design stores there is a wide selection of modular systems that allow you to create a balcony garden without taking up too much space.

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