Painting a metal railing step by step
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Painting a metal railing step by step

Balustrade is an integral part of the balcony. In the spring, the best thing to do is to refresh and paint it. We tell you how to paint a metal balustrade step by step.

Balcony is an important part of every house or apartment. Many people arrange it as their own asylum, a room where they can relax after a busy day at work. That is why it is worth to make sure it is neat, clean and renovated after the winter, during which it was probably completely unused by household members. An important influence on the aesthetics of the balcony is its balustrade. Warm spring days are the perfect time to take care of its painting, which will protect the metal from corrosion.

Renovation of metal railings, where to start?

Metal elements that are placed outside our homes, such as the balcony balustrade mentioned above, are also the most vulnerable to the processes of destruction, or corrosion. Therefore, in order to protect them from this, they should undergo a decent renovation. Restoration of balcony railings should be done in stages, so that the final result will last for many years.

It is important to renovate in stages

As in the case of proceeding to the restoration of any part of the equipment in our house, and if we get down to “refresh” the balcony railings, we must start with a thorough cleaning. Metal parts are sometimes covered with rust, so in order to get rid of it, it is best to use a brass or copper brush, which will deal with any impurities on the surface of our balustrade.

When you have roughly cleaned the balustrade of dust, rust and old paint, it is still worthwhile to carefully run it over with sandpaper, it will help to smooth out its surface. And as after any comprehensive cleaning, you should now wipe the balustrade with a wet cloth, which will collect the remaining sediment.

Once we have thoroughly cleaned our balcony railing, we need to protect it from the corrosive effects of the environment. And here an important issue will be the selection of an appropriate impregnating paint, one that will have a high resistance to changing weather conditions. Often before applying paint to metal railings, it is recommended to apply the so-called primer paint with high adhesion to the substrate

Anti-corrosion enamel for metal is an ideal type of paint that will work well for protecting metal railing frames. This product allows you to obtain a coating that is extremely durable and resistant to all scratches and mechanical damage. However, remember about a very important issue, namely thorough mixing of the preparation before its application on the metal structure.

We should start painting from the most inaccessible places, for example the contact between specific elements on the balustrade. After that we move smoothly to painting larger surfaces.

How many layers of paint should be applied? Two coats are enough, but remember that we need to keep an appropriate interval between painting, so that the first coat is well absorbed. When our metal railing is fully covered with paint, we can consider the painting stage as finished.

Conditions for painting railings

When we get down to painting our railing is also an important consideration. Bad weather can only make the impregnation process worse. Rain, other precipitation or high humidity in the air, as well as hot days and dusty times – then we should not start painting. Why? The answer is simple: because such conditions will not allow the paint to properly absorb into the metal.

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