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Activities for infants and toddlers – what is worth enrolling them in?

Seamus Fallon
Zajęcia dla niemowląt i małych dzieci - na co warto je zapisać?

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Activities for toddlers are becoming more and more popular. But which ones to choose in order to have the best influence on our offspring? We check!

Nowadays many moms sign up their infants and toddlers for classes, which are supposed to have a positive impact on their development and learning about the world. So it’s no wonder that such meetings are organized by an increasing number of organizations and institutions. Which ones are worth choosing?


Logorhythmics is a perfect combination of rhythmics and speech therapy. So the toddler develops his speech, shapes the sense of rhythm and improves phonetic hearing, thanks to which he can distinguish phonemes like k-g or p-b faster. And all this while having great fun!

Musical Activities “Gordonki”

The name “Gordonki” comes from the jazzman and musician Professor Gordon. These classes are based on learning music. Appropriately selected exercises and games shape the child’s hearing, teach concentration and communication skills. In addition, they are an opportunity to learn about new instruments and the sounds they make.

Motor activities

Small children need as much movement as possible. They need to use their energy. So it is worth taking care of additional activities, during which they will exercise and play at the same time. You can choose those that are related to the interests of your offspring such as soccer.

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