The Top Local Movers in NYC – You Won’t Believe Who Made the Cut!
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The Top Local Movers in NYC – You Won’t Believe Who Made the Cut!

New York City is an incredibly vibrant and exciting place to live, but it can also be very hectic and stressful. Locating the best movers in NYC can be overwhelming with the number of options out there and the lack of information available on each company. If you’re moving to New York City, it’s important to find someone you trust to ensure that your goods are properly handled. We’ve done the hard work for you by researching the top local moving companies in New York City and have provided you with our findings on which companies rank highest for pricing, reviews, and customer service scores.

With the constant demands of work and play, you probably don’t have time to research the best movers in NYC – but luckily, we did! With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about finding a reliable moving company in the city that never sleeps – including our top picks of the best local movers in NYC!

Movers New York City

This New York City-based company has been around since 1947 and has a stellar reputation as one of the best movers in NYC. They specialize in smaller moves like residential and office relocations, as well as long-distance moves. One of their signature services is an onsite estimate that can save you time, stress, and money by helping you get an accurate idea of how much your move will cost before your move date. To make sure everything goes smoothly on moving day, they offer various packing and unpacking services to ensure your valuables are carefully stored or unpacked at their destination. In addition to local moves, they also provide long-distance moving services across the country from coast to coast.

How is Moving to NYC a Great Idea?

Moving to NYC is a great idea, especially if you are moving from out-of-state. This will help reduce your move by 50% or more. Plus, there is always someone around to help you with your move and it is easy to find long-distance movers in NYC who can be trusted.

 The hardest part of moving to NYC is finding your ideal apartment and company that will be able to fulfill all your needs. So before you hire an out-of-state long-distance moving company to come to help you with your move, try using these tips first:

  1. Check for any reviews online about long-distance movers in NYC so that you know who has had a good experience. 
  2. Check to see how much it would cost for them to move furniture such as dressers, beds, desks, and chairs. 
  3. Search for any other long-distance movers NYC services they offer such as packing boxes or unpacking items into your new place after the long-distance relocation is complete.
  4. When looking for local movers in NYC, remember not only to look at the price but also what they offer and their customer service. There should be no hidden fees like taxes or fuel surcharges. The most reputable companies have a quote calculator on their website which lets you estimate how much your move might cost depending on where you live. Some have even instant quotes without having to fill out a form which makes it easier than ever to compare movers in New York City.


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already decided that it’s time to start packing up your apartment and getting ready to move. And if this is your first time moving long distances, then you’re probably wondering how much all of this will cost. 

You might think that hiring a moving company would be the most expensive part of the relocation, but that’s not always the case. The cost of hiring a moving company can vary greatly depending on what type of service they offer and how much space it is for them to pack up your belongings when they arrive.  Hiring local movers is often cheaper than those who come from other states or countries to help you with your relocation. That being said, long-distance movers in NYC are also available for hire at reasonable prices. What matters when it comes to finding the right mover is whether they have an exemplary track record and can provide references from satisfied customers as well as competitive rates without sacrificing quality.

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