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Magnetic wall – what to paint it with?

Seamus Fallon
Ściana magnetyczna - czym ją pomalować?

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Magnetic wall is more and more common in many houses or apartments. It is not only useful but it can also be a zone of fantastic fun. How to paint it?

A magnetic wall is a wall covered with a special magnetic paint that has iron filings in its composition. Thanks to this the painted surface works like a magnet. You can stick to it notes that remind you of something, magnets and many other things without the need to insert pins or nails

How to paint a wall with magnetic paint?

Painting a magnetic wall is very easy and you don’t need any special skills. All you need is a good quality magnetic paint that can be a primer under a blackboard paint or a traditional topcoat paint. Magnetic paint alone is not a good idea; it rubs off easily

If you want to paint a wall with magnetic paint, first prepare the surface which has to be dry, smooth and cleaned. If you apply it on wooden elements, remember to use an additional primer for wood. Before painting, it is necessary to stir the paint thoroughly for several minutes – it is quite thick

Apply as many layers as recommended by the manufacturer, usually three are required. Use a paint roller to paint the wall, always using an up-and-down motion. Remember to protect the surroundings as dirt is difficult to remove.

Magnetic paint is usually gray or black. However, you can cover it with enamel in any color so that it matches the interior decor

If the wall is to be used mainly by children, it is better to apply blackboard paint over the magnetic paint. Then you will not only be able to attach magnets, but also paint it with chalk. In stores you can even find special 2-in-1 paints, which are a combination of magnetic and blackboard enamel – then one layer on the wall is enough. The downside, however, is that it may attract magnets less well

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