Cleanup schedule – we’re organizing!
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Cleanup schedule – we’re organizing!

Cleaning is the bane of most of us. No wonder, it is rather an unpleasant duty than a pleasure. To finish it faster, it is worth making a schedule. What is it and how to write it down? Check it out!

When spring comes, many of us, in addition to feeling the joy of nature awakening to life, think about the fact that it is time for the annual general cleaning. And these – regardless of whether small or large – rather not belong to the pleasant. Therefore, it is worth taking care that everything goes quickly and efficiently. A properly prepared schedule can help.

Cleaning schedule – what is it?

Cleaning schedule is becoming increasingly popular and special notes can be found in many homes. It can be in a form of a table, sentences written in points or any form, which is comfortable to read. In such a schedule we put individual works and the frequency of their performance. It is also necessary to write out all the rooms. You can use ready-made schedule templates, but it is worth preparing them individually – according to your needs.

Cleaning schedule – why should you have it?

Many people think that they do not need any notes for cleaning. Contrary to appearances, notes make things much easier. First of all, seeing how many activities we still have to do, not only we will not skip them, but also it is easier to control time.

It also turns out that the schedule motivates to clean. If we plan every day or every few days to perform a given cleaning, then, done regularly, they will take literally a moment. Thanks to this we will avoid cleaning all day or in the evening. Sticking to a schedule allows us to save free time – for example, Saturday, which most of us devote just to vacuuming, dusting, washing, etc. Many people who have decided to use them admit that they are motivated by them

How to create your own schedule?

A cleaning schedule can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. And it is best to have at least a few. The first one will be good for quick, ordinary activities, while the last one will be good e.g. during spring cleaning

In the case of a daily list, we should write down those activities which we want to do and will do every day, e.g. making the bed, washing the dishes, wiping the kitchen worktops, throwing away the garbage, putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket or putting things back where they belong.

Add to this one activity that we generally do during a larger (usually Saturday) cleaning. For example, on Monday we might wipe the dust and water the flowers, and a day later vacuum the apartment and mop the floors. On Wednesday we can plan laundry and ironing, and on Thursday tidy up the kitchen – including inspecting and wiping down the fridge. On Friday, for example, we clean the bathroom. The purpose of the schedule is to give you time to relax and spend your time the way you want to

On the other hand, in the monthly schedule, we plan some longer chores, such as scrubbing the refrigerator, shower faucets, cleaning the grout, cleaning the oven, etc. It is worth setting aside one day a month for this. Once every few months/year plan for example window cleaning and tidying of closets, balcony etc

It’s important to write out what you want to do for a few days, or even weeks, before creating a schedule.

If you don’t live alone, it’s a good idea to create a family schedule and assign everyone a task. This will make things run more smoothly. However, it is crucial that all household members keep to their responsibilities. Only then will the schedule make sense.

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