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Plot in front of the house – how to prepare the garden and terrace to delight buyers at a low cost?

Seamus Fallon

Selling a property is not an easy thing, especially if we want to increase its value. When dealing with a house with a plot, we do not have to focus solely on the interior. The garden and terrace are always the calling cards of the house. Below you will find a few ways of relatively simple solutions, which with a small outlay will significantly increase the price and provide us with great interest among buyers. 

Simply a lawn or a flower meadow

If you decide to sell your house with a plot of land that is almost empty, its appearance will definitely be improved by just planting a lawn. Grass will provide a green carpet under the windows and cover any unevenness in the area. It is not expensive to sow, and it does not take long to care for it until it is sold. You can also place a flowerbed of conifers on the lawn, which will optically fill the plot and develop it. 

If you want to make the plot more attractive for parents with children, you can place, for example, a soccer goal on the lawn, which will also not be an expensive investment, and the prospect of your own field, especially for children, is extremely promising. 

A good option for sowing a larger area will also be a flower meadow, which will create an idyllic atmosphere around the buildings and in addition will spread around a pleasant floral scent. 

A well-kept terrace 

When at home we have a terrace already covered with wood or composite boards, often the key to its beautiful appearance will be just to refresh it. Sometimes this will involve repainting, and sometimes it is enough to scrub it, for example, with a pressure washer. 

You can decorate the balustrade with old pots or troughs, in which you plant the cheapest flowers from the market, and the whole will take on a completely different character than the void. 

Sell feelings and potential

When selling a house, we need to keep in mind that one of the sales tricks is to sell the emotions and the mood and the potential that the place has. When preparing for the visit of potential buyers, arrange your garden and terrace space in such a way that it looks cozy. You can display the garden furniture you have, unroll a hammock, decorate everything with cushions and light it appropriately. Show how a pleasant evening in this place can look like, and such a presentation will surely delight buyers. Prove that there is room for children on the plot, for example, in the form of a small sandbox, which you can buy for just a few dozen zlotys. This type of arrangement always appeals especially to parents or people thinking about children.

Show eco-friendly solutions

For some time now, ecological solutions have been very popular and are often a great asset for buyers and those looking for a house. We are aware that some of them are really expensive investments, which we prefer to give ourselves when selling a house. However, there are also cheaper ways to do it. For example, all you need to do is place a rain barrel at the gutter drain and build a composter in a secluded spot on the plot. These small changes will certainly be noticed by your visitors and for some of them such solutions already placed on the plot will become a decisive argument for buying your property. 

main photo: Mallorca

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